Kaththi Sandai review - Yet another wafer thin story

By now audiences know what to expect out of a Suraj directed mass comedy-action entertainer.


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 23 December 2016

Movie Title

Kaththi Sandai review - Yet another wafer thin story



Star Cast

Vishal, Tamannaah, Soori, Vadivelu

By now audiences know what to expect out of a Suraj directed mass comedy-action entertainer. And he has once again meticulously followed the same template. You can like or dislike this film with its wafer thin story, couple of songs, comedians (Soori and Vadivelu), a glamorous heroine, few mindless villains and a message in the end.

Now coming to the merits-This film could not have come at a more appropriate time, as a part of the film deals with black money, hoarding, income tax raids and money laundering.

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Deputy Commissioner Tamizh Selvan (Jagapathi Babu) chases a truckload of money and newspapers report that the sincere officer had seized 50cr and handed it over to the government. Meanwhile Tamizh Selvan's sister (Tamannaah) falls in love with a complete stranger Arjun (Vishal). After one hour of some silly romance, comedy scenes of Soori and a story about previous birth, the lovers are crazy about each other with the support of the girl's police officer brother!

At the interval point, the twist happens on who Arjun is and what his motives were! Arjun has actually sketched a cunning plan to loot the 250cr money hidden inside Tamizh Selvan's bungalow. And if that twist is not enough, there comes one more backstory of Arjun's real identity and his real noble intentions!

Since it is a Vishal film one should be prepared to digest all sorts of gravity and logic-defying stunts and to be honest the actor pulls it off with style and elan. Tamannaah has to pick her roles with care in future and immediately sack the designer who did those tasteless itsy-bitsy dresses for her. Soori who contribute comic portions in the first half stand above the veteran Vadivelu who appears as a psychiatrist in the latter half.It is very clear that Vishal has used Kaththi Sandai as his political entry with a social message for the audiences. Hip-hop Tamizha has tried his best to give two hummable numbers  while Richard M Nathan's cinematography is laudable. Overall, Kaththi Sandai  is remotely original or interesting.

Kaththi Sandai review: Verdict-Average

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