'Katte' Review

'Katte' Review

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 07 April 2015

Movie Title

'Katte' Review


Om Prakash Rao

Star Cast

Nagashekar, Chandan, Shravya, Rushkar, Srinivas murthy, Avinash

Director Om Prakash, who is freshly out of controversies, has madeefforts to re-establish himself with 'Katte'. With mediocre success inhis directorial ventures for the last couple of years, Om Prakash nowwants a hit film in his kitty and has taken the risk of banking on acouple of newbies, including his daughter Shravya.

Two well-respected men in the village, played by Srinivas Murthy andAvinash, are thick friends and naturally, their sons - played byChandan and Nagashekar respectively - are ‘chaddi-buddies’. OnceChandan and Nagashekar hit their teens, their parents blame each otherfor the behaviour of their irresponsible sons and put an end to theirfriendship. But Chandan and Nagashekar continue to remain friends,despite opposition from their parents.

Meanwhile, Nagashekar falls for Shravya, daughter of a xerox shopowner and Chandan finds the right match with a nurse, played byRuksar. With the only aim to contest and win in elections, Nagashekarcontests in ward elections and Shravya supports him financially.However, he loses miserably and ends up settling for a daily-wage job.Unable to see his son's failure, Nagasekar’s father commits suicide.

While Nagashekar and Shravya get married, Chandan and Ruksar wait fortheir parents' approval. In the process, both Chandan and Nagashekarrealise the value of their fathers and the movie ends with anemotional message about the father-son relationship.

The movie is a remake of Tamil blockbuster film 'Kedi Billa KiladiRanga', performance-wise all four lead actors have done well. However,Chandan and Ruksar have to push themselves more to excel in acting.Shravya looks cute and has performed well. Nagashekar is apt for therole as well. Om Prakash appears time and again and tries to impresspeople with this comic timing but in vain. Avinash and Srinivas Murthyhave done a commendable job as strict parents.

S A Rajkumar's music is just about average but the camera work savesthe day for this music director. Sanihake andVenkateshwara tracks have been shot well and are key elementsto watch out for in the film.

Verdict: Overall, it’s an entertaining comic tonic, advisable to watchonly once.

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