'Katti Batti' Review: Of love & longing!

'Katti Batti' Review: Of love & longing!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 25 September 2015

Movie Title

'Katti Batti' Review: Of love & longing!


Nikhil Advani

Star Cast

Kangna Ranaut, Imran Khan

The troubled world of this modern-day Devdas and his Paro couldhave made for an interesting watch, but what we get is a crackerjackstory that’s fleshed out rather haphazardly.

Both these passive-aggressive folks, Maddy (Imran Khan) and Payal(Kangna Ranaut) meet and fall in love in college. The boy's mom evencalls her a "good catch" and advises Maddy to never leave her.

But that's exactly what he does, and then lives to regret it formany years. There is a pretty hefty twist in the end that makes youwonder who’s the bigger nut job of the two.

Director Nikhil Advani who's barely given us time to recover fromlast week's 'Hero', brings us this rom-com with an emotional turn. Hechooses to tell us the film through a series of flashbacks, dialoguethat are direct translations of American sitcom lines, andseveraltoilet-centered scenes.

Another reason you don't warm up to the film beyond a point are thelead characters that behave in the most improbable manner. At somepoint you do buy into their love story, and then you hear about onecharacter's massive plan to hide an important development in theirlife, and you snap out.

Also, imagine saying with surety that a character is going to diebecause they have cancer like in the old movies. It's a bit much intoday's day and age, when all kinds of treatments are possible, withseveral people completely cured of the disease.

Imran Khan is dependably likeable and understated as Maddy, as hegets the character’s confused energy down pat. However, along with allthe love he has for Payal, one smells the hint of an uncomfortableneediness. One wishes that aspect had also been explored in theperformance.

Kangna Ranaut amazes with yet another ace performance. The film maybe from Maddy’s perspective, but it is Payal’s character that stayswith you. However wonky her characterization may be, Ranaut gives ither all, and her act is particularly touching in the second half.

But the lead pair’s act is diluted by the film itself. For dialogueyou have commonly heard sitcom lines finding direct translations inHindi. Like: Tum dono ek doosre ke laayak ho (You two deserveeach other); Woh aage badh chuki hai (She’s moved on); Wohnikal hi raha tha (He was just leaving).

For humour, you have campus friends getting apassed-out-from-drinking Maddy ready for his parent’s visit. They risktheir lives to enter his hostel room, and Payal enters as Paro as ifthey were rehearsing a Devdas play (how telling).

There are some warm moments between Maddy and Paro that brighten upthe proceedings. Even Maddy’s equation with his over-protective littlesis is kinda cute.

The second half is a pretty big mess complete with a wedding,baratis, and band-wallahs. It is only when you’re told about the“twist”, that you realize it was completely unnecessary to show usthat whole sequence!

This is a film you wanted to like for various reasons, primarilythat there hasn’t been a good Hindi film on our screens since long.And secondly for Kangna Ranaut who steals your heart with herperformance, in spite of the fact that you struggle to understand hercharacter’s behavior right till the end.

Ah, it’s going to be some more waiting at the theatres, I guess.Watch it if you must for Ranaut’s crackerjack act.

Rating: Two and a half stars

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