Kavi Udheshichathu review- Tedious watch

Kavi Udheshichathu review- Tedious watch



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 12 October 2016

Movie Title

Kavi Udheshichathu review- Tedious watch


Thomas Liju Thomas

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Biju Menon, Narain, Anju Kurian

It was after the acceptance for the impressive short film titled Ramaniyechiyude Namathil that director Thomas Liju Thomas ventured out to make Kavi Udheshichathu? But sadly, this one has no storyline or interesting sequences that is even good enough for a short film.

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Jimmy (Asif Ali) fools around with his gang of friends doing small jobs, in a sleepy village. He has a crush for Jasmine (Anju Kurian), who hails from a wealthy family. But Jimmy is the arch rival of her brother, Bosco (Narain), who owns a local volley ball team.

Jasmine believes that Jimmy is behind her as he wants to become rich, just by marrying her. Then somewhere along the line, comes an idea where Bosco promises to let Jimmy marry his sister, if his team wins the volley ball tournament.

The entire first half meanders along without any definite focus or direction, with lame efforts to tickle the funny bone.

With some ideas that are appealing only minimally, this film feels like a never ending saga. A volley ball match and hasty climax later, all you have in mind is the same question asked in the film’s title… What exactly was the film’s makers trying to say here?

Asif Ali has performed in a dedicated way, while Narain hams it up big time trying to be comical. Biju Menon is barely there and repeats his trademark style of dialogue delivery yet again, in a lazy manner. The heroines, Anju Kurian and Lena, have limited roles to play.

Kavi Udheshichathu? looks like a hotchpotch attempt, without a genuine script or much planning. If you are the kind who enjoys watching those comedy skits on TV, you could be entertained by some of the numbers. Go for it, if you belong to that group.

Verdict: Tedious watch

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