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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Thursday 25 December 2014

Movie Title



Prabhu Solomon

Star Cast

Chandran, Anandhi, Devaraj,

Prabhu Solomon?s Kayal is a feel-good love story set against the milieu of 2004 Tsunami that struck the coast of Tamil Nadu. The film has some terrific visuals, great music and stunning climax. Movies in disaster genre are red-hot in Hollywood but in Tamil cinema, due to various budget constraints it is not popular with our filmmakers.

The director?s strength has always been love stories set against difficult situations and in the end true love triumphing against all odds. In Kayal too, Prabhu Solomon has delivered an irresistible love story between an innocent girl and a free spirited young man set against the backdrop of Tsunami, where fate and nature plays the villains.

Our hero (Chandran) is an orphan and a drifter who works only to fund his travel and see India. A character (Prabhu in a cameo) in the film says ? ?It is an American philosophy that you work six months and then travel worldwide for the next six months.? Soon he reaches a village close to Kanyakumari and it is love at first sight in a very tense situation, as he meets the heroine Kayal (Anandi)! But due to quirk of fate they are separated, as Kayal experiences for the first time the awakening of love in her.

The movie certainly gets a few bonus emotional points for being based on a true incident that happened before our eyes a few years back, but above all it?s a tight, exciting thriller with some truly excellent performances from a fresh cast of Chandran, Anandhi(Her smile and eyes resemble Sneha) , Vincent and a terrific ensemble of supporting characters like Devaraj with his menacing look and dialogues.

The music and back ground score of D Imman is in sync with the love story. The pick of the album Yen Aala Paakaporen.., Unna Ippo Paakanum.. and Yengirinthu Vandhaayo.. being the pick of the lot. Cinematography of V Mahendran, beautifully etches the thousand shades of green lakes, rivers, hills, and a top shot scene of a container lorry against green paddy field on both sides. Watch out for the VFX shots and sound mix of Tapas Nayak in the climax, it feels real. On the whole, it is a technically magnificent and emotionally wrenching experience.

Verdict: Good

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