Kayamkulam Kochunni review: A delicious entertainer

For the price of a ticket, you have two dashing heroes performing their best in 'Kayamkulam Kochunni'

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Critic's Rating: 4/5

Thursday 11 October 2018

Movie Title

Kayamkulam Kochunni review: A delicious entertainer


Rosshan Andrrews

Star Cast

Nivin Pauly, Mohanlal, Priya Anand

Director Rosshan Andrrews’ Kayamkulam Kochunni is about the local highwayman, who was active mainly during the first half of the 19 th century and was regarded as the messiah of the poor. The heroic stories of Kochunni, which were narrated by Kottarathil Sankunni in his Aithihyamala, are well known to most Malayalis even now.

The story begins with Kochunni (Nivin Pauly) fleeing his home after his father was brutally injured on being caught for robbery. The young Kochunni starts working in a local shop. It is Janaki (Priya Anand), who is smitten by his charm, that gives him the idea to learn tricks in Kalarippayattu from a martial arts expert, Thangal (Babu Antony).

Kochunni is a good human being, who helps the poor and the lower castes, much to the chagrin of the upper caste landlords. Those were the times when exploitation and untouchability was at its peak. As it is said in the film, even the Britishers there were in support of the uppercaste groups.

It is after some dramatic turnarounds that Kochunni becomes a robber, that he was known as later in history.

In between, there is a fabulous entry of another robber, Ithikkara Pakki (Mohanlal), at a crucial juncture. Of course, it is not easy to recreate those times and it is the brilliance of Rosshan Andrrews that every frame looks authentic and exquisite. The script by Bobby and Sanjay is well paced and engaging. The visuals by Binod Pradhan are top notch and the music by Gopi Sundar is good.

The film is essentially about the transformation of Kochunni from a youth with a heart of gold to a tough robber, with amazing scope for action. It is a treat to watch as Nivin Pauly conveys the varying emotions in a superb manner. In a role which is quite different from what he has done until now, Nivin shines spectacularly well.

Priya Anand has a limited role to play. Babu Antony and Sunny Wayne are impressive.

And then there is Mohanlal, who is in the film playing an extended cameo in mesmerizing style. He looks dapper and his character has been so well presented to raise the mercury levels and it does just that in an amazing way.

Kayamkulam Kochunni is presented like a fable and it is genuinely gripping. For the price of a ticket, you have two dashing heroes at their best, besides the technical brilliance. Don’t miss this one!

Kayamkulam Kochunni review - Verdict: A delicious entertainer

Reactions from Social Media:
CinemaPraanthan @Democratrodrigu

#KayamkulamKochunniAverage to Below Average reports all over....second half was main letdown. Film missing wow factor also doesn't felt movie was made on budget of 50 CR. nivin did his best. Mohanlal as coach also good. But screenplay failed miserably. (2/5)

KeralaBoxoffice @KeralaBO1
#KayamkulamKochunni is getting Above Avg-Good reports across Kerala. Looks like a winner on cards.

Friday Matinee @VRFridayMatinee
#KayamKulamKochunni (2/2) : Director Roshan Andrews has tried his best but missed any wow Factors or goosebumb scenes.Writers could have done a better study. Technical Side was top notch. Bgm was good whereas songs are Average. Watchable to an Extent !

South Tracker @SouthTracker
#KayamkulamKochunni Not Up to the Expectation Just Average Flick for me Making And mohanlal Portions are Good My Rating : 2.5/5

Muhammad Adhil @urstrulyadhil
#KayamkulamKochunni lacked the crucial punch and emotional depth especially in the second half resulting in an extremely mixed feeling.Still the grandeur and impressive making saves from further disappointments.

Th@l@p@thy sarkar @Kiran1834959643
#KayamkulamKochunni #Lalettan #PakkiSwag is the pulse of movie..when he goes the pulse drops...nivin tried his best but screenplay was a big letdown in second half..doubtful whether it can recover the investment

CinemaPraanthan @Democratrodrigu
#KayamkulamKochunniSo flopshow for Mohanlal continues...... No hits since January 2017. Even as a hero or even in cameo roles , his movies are ending as flops. Let's wait for Odiyan.

Edwin Zacharia @EdwinZacharia2
#KayamkulamKochunni except for some portion in the 2nd half and middle of 1st half. Film is a treat to watch. Bgm, lalettan, nivin, babu qntony, sunny wayne everyone has performed very well.

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