KB's open letter to Gautham Menon!

Last Updated: Fri, Mar 05, 2010 03:58 hrs

The 80 year old living legend of Tamil cinema, K Balachander has written an open letter to Gautham Menon after seeing his Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa (VTV).

KB goes ga ga over VTV and wrote — “I saw after a very long time characters become people instead of caricatures. I saw a control over narration and performance which left me stunned. The experience of VTV leaves one joyous and anguished at the same time-the very definition of love!”

KB has written a three page letter to Gautham, praising the film and its maker to the skies. He has put Gautham Menon in the same pedestal as SS Vasan, AV Meiyappa Chettiar, Bharathiraja and Mani Ratnam.

His experience of the movie- “Stars? What stars? I just met Karthik and Jessie- endearingly natural!” He wanted Gautham to convey his “heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Simbu and Trisha for their best performances of their careers.”

The master director ends his letter in a touching manner like the climax of VTV- “ This 80 year old man was pondering on the way back home after watching your film if he could tell his 75 years old wife- “I love you” to see whether she can still blush. He did and she did, And hey son… I think you have won”