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Saturday 13 February 2010

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Akkineni Nagarjuna, Mamta Mohandas, Sayaji Shinde, Harshavardhan, Brahmanandam, Anushka, Linda, Jayavani

With its mass title and high publicity, Akkineni Nagarjuna?s Kedi evoked an immense talk in the industry for the last couple of months. Though the movie was supposed to be releasing in December, it got delayed in the name of technical perfection.

With new director Kiran taking up the captaincy of the project, it generated some interest in the youth segment. The promise of high tension entertainment through lifting of cars, gambling and smuggling had utterly failed to stand up to the expectations of the audience.

Ramesh aka Rummy has a childhood friend named Janaki. Seeing Rummy going a wastrel, the girl admonishes him to stay away from wrongdoings. She tells him to be a powerful man in society. If he would succeed in following through her advice, then Janaki would marry him? And that?s the deal! Contrary to the expectations of Janaki, Rummy grows into a notorious gambler and car-lifter in Hyderabad. The police are after him and each time they fail miserably.

Rummy happens to meet Chandra (Ankur), the proprietor of a night club and a gambling den. The story shifts to Goa, where Rummy falls in love with Linda (Nadia) and he also happens to save her sister from the baddies. All of a sudden, Rummy says a Big No to Linda?s proposal to marry her.

Interestingly, Sandhya (Mamta Mohandas) is behind all the successful feats of Rummy. If this is the story, then who is Janaki? The director strongly held this as one and the only suspense card till the climax, but unfortunately much to the expectations of the audience.

Nag, who crossed 50, amazingly stayed fit to do a role that thrills the audience with chases, gambling, smuggling and what not! Not even an iota of aging had its impact on Nag. He showed extraordinary ease in all the departments. In short, he shouldered the entire responsibility of running the show.

Mamta Mohandas is disappointing and she failed to match her prowess with a speedy subject like Kedi. Pale performance and poor makeup come as minus points on her characterization.

Brahmanandam comes as a saving grace in the film with simple doses of comedy, far away from the expectations of the audience. However, Harshavardhan could do justice to his role, though for a short span. The role played by Ankur as a baddie has some variety.

Anushka?s appeal in a special song (better call it introduction song) is a big let down. The song neither carried the zeal nor showed any promising oomph that followed later.

Kedi is utterly bereft of a proper storyline. The characterization of the hero is not convincing. The treatment is outdated and gives a feel of artificiality. Technical values such as cinematography, editing and art work are ok. Music by Sandeep Chowta failed to enliven the mood of the audience in the theatres. The background score too turned pale often. The much-publicized ?Muddante Cheda? song with its remix in the film just got pass marks in the theatre. Other songs are weak and became speed breakers to the narration.

Debut director Kiran messed up things and exposed himself to the audience for his entire concentration set on style and lavish scenes rather than doing justice to the narration and the content.

Verdict: Disappointing

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