Kennedy Club review: A predictable sports film which doesn't impress

Kennedy Club is a formulaic sports drama which has all the key elements on paper but the director has missed the finesse in execution.

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Thursday 22 August 2019

Movie Title

Kennedy Club



Star Cast

Sasikumar, Bharathiraja, Murali Sharma

Suseenthiran's Kennedy Club is a formulaic sports drama which has all the key elements on paper but the director has missed the finesse in execution. 

What are the basic ingredients for a sports drama? An underdog team, a passionate coach, if there are two coaches for the same team, then establish a conflict between them and there should be a villain in the selection committee. Well, Kennedy club has all these essential points but still end up as an average watch mainly because of lethargic writing and soulless execution!

Savarimuthu (Bharathiraja) is an ex-army man but he spends most of his life earnings to train the underprivileged yet skilled women kabaddi players in the village. Muruganandham(Sasikumar) is a former student of Savarimuthu, and he is now working in Railways through the sports quota. When Savarimuthu falls sick due to a sudden heart attack, Murugandham is immediately called to lead the team. Can Muruganandham and Savarimuthu lead the underdog team and bring laurel to their hometown and Tamil Nadu?

As pointed out earlier, Suseenthiran has the formula right on paper but when it comes to execution, the proceedings look so mechanic and the emotional connect is missing like in Suseenthiran's earlier films like Vennila Kabbadi Kuzhu, Pandiya Naadu, and Naan Mahan Alla.

Sasikumar is not at all convincing as a Kabbadi player and maintains the same age-old Subramaniapuram body language and dialogue delivery here too. Bharathiraja looks weak and it's high time our directors stop troubling him too much. One thing which should be praised are the girls from the village who played kabbadi players and their backstories, which looks authentic.

Technically, RB Gurudev's camera work is strictly functional but Imman seems to have worked really hard to boost up several average scenes. Overall, Kennedy Club is an average sports drama. Yes, this film is comparatively better than Suseenthiran's recent outings but it's perfectly normal for the audiences to expect from a filmmaker of his caliber.

Kennedy Club review: Very little genuine feeling

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