Kerintha a youth film

Kerintha - a youth film

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By: Shirisha

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 17 June 2015

Movie Title

Kerintha a youth film


Saikiran Adavi

Star Cast

Sumanth Ashwin, Sri Divya and Tejaswi Madivada

Story premise:  Unlimited friendship. The conflict in between friendship and the love. The friendship which turns in to love in the college backdrop is the main idea of the cinema.

Story :  Jai (sumanth Ashwin ), Bhavana , Nukaraju , Siddu , Priya , these five are the friends in a college at Hyderabad.

Main character :  Jai , the hero by nature tries to keep all in happy. He falls in love with the heroin in a  bus journey and searches for her, through a song he  meets her.

Next character:  Siddu also falls in love with priya step by step. When as the members  of the  family of Siddu fears for their mother  in everything including Siddu all hides the matter with her as Siddu hides  his music course as well about his love.

The third character : Nukaraju is on innocent habitant  of a  village depends on his father’s  money. He spends his money and  time in chatting happily. The fourth character : Bhavana , a strong  minded  girl in the gang of five. She knows very well what to do and  what not to do. Even she is able face the male and answers sharply. She is like a fire brand.

This fire brand Bhavana & The innocent  Nukaraju  travels in  a bond of unexpressed love. In  a happy note every character’s love path forwards  and entangles in trouble. How they solved and how they kept their love  is the story of  “Kerintha’’ 

Screen play :  the cinema begins in  Nukaraju’s point of view…Nukaraju goes to college by Car on the way , he introduces  his batch, the everyone was revealed. Then narration and the characterizations of every one were revealed. The every one’s love stories begin. When they get trouble Nukaraju character explains.

Up to the pre –climax the story runs by the Nukaraju. Nukaraju and his friend unites the pair  '' jai and Manaswini (the heroin )''.

The whole cinema runs in flash back narration up to pre-climax 

Beneficial  attraction :

  • College back drop  = connective  characters
  • Comedy  of Nukaraju
  • Feel good back ground  score 
  • Camera  and production values 

Equation of the film :

  • Happy days 50 % + Bommarillu 10 % + Oye 30  % + college comedy    = Kerintha 

By whom the movie liked :

  • By the 10th – intermediate students & –degree students ( 17 to 25th age group )
  • By those likes college love stories and comedy 
  • those who liked the movies ‘’ Happy days and Kotta bangaru lokam’’ will sure likes this movie ''Kerintha''

Verdict : one can recollected  their  college days , friendship, happiness , love and first crush and may feel good.

Rating  :  3.25/5

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