Kidaari review- Gripping revenge drama

Kidaari review- Gripping revenge drama



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 02 September 2016

Movie Title

Kidaari review- Gripping revenge drama


Prasath Murugesan

Star Cast

Sasikumar, Vela Ramamoorthy, Nikhila Vimal, Suja Varunee

Sasikumar's Kidaari is steeped in cinematic tradition, yet modern in its treatment. It is impressive not because of the story but the non-linear screenplay, top notch performances, cinematography and outstanding BGM and songs.

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The story of this blood-soaked drama is nothing new and seems to be inspired from various movies set in Madurai. However too many sub plots, countless characters and complicated family tree test your patience. The film opens with a gory scene where a blood stained hand slowly moves towards the window and moves it rapidly to make some noise, and we see people rushing upstairs to find that the badly wounded man is Kombaiya Pandian (Vela Ramamoorthy), the powerful gangster is Sathur area.

The movie's central character Kidaari (Sasikumar) is the right-hand man of Kombaiya Pandian, who controls the entire area and is a terror. Now we are introduced to the world of Kombaiya Pandian and Kidaari through Poiyaali (Mu Ramasamy), who tells us about the rise of Kombaiya and his rival gangs! Who had the courage to attack the cold-blooded Kombaiya in his own house? Kidaari should find out why and who attacked the man!

The stories of Kombaiya and Kidaari's enemies has been narrated like episodes, which reminds us of Tarantino's style and after a point of time, all these sub plots water down the core content. Each of these sub-plots are taken brilliantly with style. Especially when we come to know the real culprit behind Kombaiya's attack is in no way related to all these enemies! Debutant director Prasath Murugesan has done his homework well and is a talent to watch out for.

Kidaari has a cast that delivers in spades. Sasikumar as usual shines in the tailor- made Kidaari role with his typical swag and energetic screen presence. The way he gently shifts his expression from fierce gangster to lover boy with heroine Nikhila is enjoyable. Vela Ramamoorthy as the deadly gangster Kombaiya Pandian is terrific, while the rest of the actors including Suja Varunee, Nikila, Mu Ramasamy have given their best.

Technically the film is top-notch, SR Kathir's angles and colour tone perfectly set the mood of the movie. Darbuka Siva's songs are blend into the narrative beautifully. The songs especially the Kidaariye number is top class and the background score elevates the film to a different level. Praveen Antony's editing and slow motion cuts also gives the class feel to this gangster flick.

Overall, Kidaari is a gripping film that seizes your full attention. A watchable gangster flick for its slick presentation.

Kidaari review- Verdict: Gripping

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