Kim Kardashian laughs over ribs removal rumours, credits vegan diet for thin waist

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Last Updated: Sun, Jul 14th, 2019, 13:11:52hrs
Kim Kardashian West (Image courtesy: Instagram)

Washington D.C.[USA], July 14 (ANI): Kim Kardashian West, rubbishing rumours about removing ribs to fit into her Met Gala dress, said she consumed a vegan diet which helped her a lot to maintain her curves.

A close friend of the beauty mogul, Anastasia Soare who is the founder of the cosmetics company Anastasia Beverly Hills, in an Instagram story, babbled over the size of Kim's waist.
"Please explain to me how it's possible," Soare remarked while focusing the camera on the mother of three who wore a form-fitting bronze dress at the big event.
"Oh come on," Kardashian West replied, with a smile on her face.
"This waist!" Soare exclaimed, adding that she's known Kim for many years, and she had never seen the reality star's body look like this.
"Did you remove your ribs?" she jokingly asked Kim.
To which responded in a witty manner and said, "I think that honestly being a vegan now helps."
Kim had earlier revealed that she was changing her eating habits in April 2019.
"I am eating all plant-based when I am home," the ' Keeping up with the Kardashian' star wrote on her Instagram stories then, alongside a picture of sweet potato and avocado-filled meal.
The size of the beauty mogul's waist came under intense scrutiny during the 2019 Met Gala, when she wore a custom-made Thierry Mugler "dripping wet" dress overtop a corset by acclaimed French couturier Mister Pearl, which made her waistline look extra thin.
According to People, in a recent interview with the WSJ Magazine, the reality star admitted that she had "never felt pain like that", explaining that the custom corset was so tight, her back and stomach were covered with marks at the end of the night.
The eye-grabbing outfit was also criticized by some who accused the star of getting her ribs surgically removed in order to achieve such a distinct hourglass shape.
Dismissing the rumours, the reality star told WSJ, "I don't even know if that's possible."
Melissa Alcantara, trainer of Kim came to the rescue of her client and shared pictures of her workout session to show the amount of efforts Kim puts at the gym. (ANI)