King Liar review- Average watch

King Liar review- Average watch



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 03 April 2016

Movie Title

King Liar review- Average watch



Star Cast

Dileep, Madonna Sebastian

There was a time when Siddique-Lal films were considered as the benchmark for comedy. Almost everyone moulded their films in that style and even the quality of the duo’s films started suffering, perhaps resulting in their eventual separation.

King Liar has been publicized as the duo’s comeback film. Directed by Lal, with story by Siddique and screenplay by Siddique-Lal, this one however is certainly not anywhere in the league of their old gems. 

Satyanarayanan (Dileep) is a liar by nature. He and his friend Antappan (Balu) make use of this skill to impress Anjali (Madonna Sebastian), a wannabe model. The entire first half is about the various episodes that reveal the hero’s antics using his lies, the ensuing confusions and the blossoming romance.

Certain incidents connect the lead pair to noted designer Anand Varma (Lal) and his estranged wife Devika (Asha Sarath). The story then shifts to Dubai.

Siddique-Lal’s stories and the laughs in those films were full of happenings that a normal person would relate to. This one is more like a peculiar Dileep comedy with mimicry skits stitched together with too many dialogues, of course with some double meaning ones added at regular intervals, meant for the crowd who are there just to laugh.

The narrative is old fashioned and obviously to cover it up, the venue is shifted to Dubai where multi-crore fashion contest is happening and expensive cars are shown just like that. But the quality of jokes never matches it up with the backdrop.

Though his make up looks pretty odd with an ill fitting beard, Dileep performs his part in a dedicated manner. Though there are funny moments, he plays a bit too much to the gallery for sure. 

His chemistry with Balu, who has a good comic timing, is impressive. In fact, their dialogues are the only humorous ones in this comedy!

Madonna Sebastian looks too young to play Dileep’s schoolmate for sure, but she performs her role sincerely. 

Joy Mathew hams it up and Asha Sarath comes up with another stereotyped role. 

King Liar is for Dileep’s ardent fans. If you are expecting the magic that the Siddique-Lal team had once in a while, you may end up disappointed. Now decide on your own!

Verdict: Average

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