'Kirumi' Review: Original story and a tight screenplay

'Kirumi' Review: Original story and a tight screenplay



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 03 February 2016

Movie Title

'Kirumi' Review: Original story and a tight screenplay



Star Cast

Kathir, Reshmi menon, Charlie, David

Here is a film that gets to the point from the very first minute and never loses track. 

How power filters down from corrupt policemen to the suppressed public has been dealt in a very effective and hard-hitting manner. It is all about the deep-rooted corruption and one-man-upmanship inside the police force and how a guy-next-door gets entangled into the mess.

Kirumi does have an original story and a tight screenplay. Well shot, well edited and brilliantly enacted by most of the lead actors, debutante director Anucharan gives us a bunch of fully flesh-and-blood characters with whom you can quickly relate to.

Kathir (Kathir) is a carefree youngster, who is married to his niece, Anitha (Reshmi Menon) and has a child but he always stays with his friends and roams around aimlessly with neighbour Prabhakar (Charlie), whom he considers as a brother. 

At some point of time, Kathir finds Prabhakar’s job of being an informer to cops interesting and soon he becomes one. With his brilliance and enthusiasm, Kathir earns the trust of the area inspector Sownthirapandian (David). Kathir gets into a brawl at a local bar and provides information about the activities inside it. 

Sownthirapandian raid the bar and walks away with Rs 25 lakhs. The bar comes under the jurisdiction of local Inspector Marimuthu (Madhiarasu). The cat and mouse game starts. Fear takes over and now Kathir is on the run as his life is at stake. 

Anucharan and Manikandan of Kaaka Muttai fame have done solid paper work for Kirumi and it is well evident in the narration and presentation. The first half of Kirumi is a treat as it moves in rapid pace which increases our expectation level but after the intermission, the film completely moves to a different level and one has to wait and see whether the audience will accept the unexpected climax.

From Madha Yannai Kootam, days Kathir has improved a lot but he has a long way to go.  It’s an absolute delight to watch Charlie in a well sketched role and he too has justified the character with all his experience. David and Marimuthu, who comes as two egoistic cops have given commendable performance while Yogi Babu has provided a good comic relief. Reshmi Menon looks cute as a young mother. 

Cinematography by Arul Vincent visuals lend tremendous character to North Madras where the plot unfolds and his crystal clear night shots deserve a special mention. The pulsating background score by ‘K’ is the biggest strength of the movie; especially the intermission portion is top notch. 

Once again, congratulations to Director Anucharan and team for a thrilling film which is watchable for its unique theme and unexplored plot. 

Don't Miss it! 

Kirumi Review Verdict: Pitch Perfect

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