Kodiyil Oruvan review: A mass action entertainer

he film picks up the momentum in the last twenty minutes only

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 17 September 2021

Movie Title

Kodiyil Oruvan review: A mass action entertainer


Ananda Krishnan

Star Cast

Vijay Antony, Aathmika, Super Subbarayan, Ram

Vijay Antony's Kodiyil Oruvan is a mass action entertainer with the mother sentiment as the silver lining. The film begins with an upright woman(Divya Prabha) who was given a chance to compete in the local body election in Kombai and come out with flying colors. But her party members are against her ideas to uplift the local people. As a result, they kill her husband but she somehow manages to survive despite serious fire burns and also saves her child Vijayaraghavan (Vijay Antony).

Vijayaraghavan is an IAS aspirant, he comes to Chennai to achieve his dream but earns the enmity of the local politicians who use the slum youngsters as scapegoats for their crimes and also make them drug addicts. Vijay trains the youngsters, educates them, and helps them to clear the exams.

But despite clearing his IAS exams, Vijayaraghavan was brutally attacked and forced to not attend the final interview.

Now, Vijayraghavan, with the support of the slum people, becomes the councillor of the slum and transforms into a model ward in the entire Tamil Nadu. But the local politicians want him to be corrupt and cooperate with them. Needless to say, they threaten him and torture his loved ones.

Director Ananda Krishnan has followed the success formula of Pichaikkaran and tried to deliver a mass political action entertainer suiting Vijay Antony's image. Some of the mass moments and action sequences have certainly worked. Especially, the scene where Vijay Antony hits back the local goondas for the first time. The mother sentiment angle has also worked well in Kodiyil Oruvan. The scenes that are shot in the slum look authentic and look different compared to other political films we have seen in Tamil cinema. The first half of the film moves at a good pace with several interesting scenes and neat packaging. The second half has its moments but Vijay Antony couldn't handle the mass political dialogues. The film picks up the momentum in the last twenty minutes with a high moment in the climax.

Technically, Nivas K Prasanna's songs are catchy while the background score by Harish Arjun was just okay. Cinematography by Uthay Kumar and stunts by Mahesh Mathew are the other two big highlights in the film.

Aathmika helps to amplify the glam quotient, the supporting actors Divya Prabha, Super Subbarayan, and Ram have done a neat job.

To conclude, Kodiyil Oruvan is a mass action entertainer from Vijay Antony on the lines of Pichaikkaran with strong mother sentiment.

Verdict: Mass action entertainer

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