Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 25 September 2015

Movie Title



Vinay Govind

Star Cast

Asif Ali, Indrajit, Aju Varghese, Aparna Vinod

Director Vinay Govind’s Kohinoor is a heist drama with so many twists and turns towards that you start wondering who got what in the end, as the end titles start rolling.

The story happens in 1988 in some remote village, where Louis (Asif Ali) is a small time crook who wants to hit it big. Aandykkunju (Aju Varghese) is his partner in his activities. Early on, one of their adventures go wrong and Louis end up in jail.

The two become part of a gang that includes Indrajith, Chemban Vinod Jose and Vinay Forrt, who plans a heist at a textile shop and the going become faster from then on. 

With too many incidents and detailing, the first half of the film turns out to be quite boring. But things get interesting in the second half when the mission starts. But the unending drama that goes on and on takes the steam away from the whole film. 

The wedding song, in which Bhavana comes in doing a cameo role, sticks out like a sore thumb. However, the song Hemanthamen… is top notch.

Vinay Govind, who showed promise with his maiden venture Kili Poyi, comes with a rather lazy effort this time. The script is pretty shaky. The visuals by Pradeesh Varma are good and Rahul Raj’s music suits the mood.

Asif Ali, who is also the producer of the film, looks good and convincing. He gets good support from a terrific supporting cast that includes Aju Varghese, Indrajith, Chemban Vinod Jose and Vinay Forrt. Aparna Vinod, who plays the heroine, has nothing much to do, apart from some occasional smiles.

Kohinoor could be an okay fare, if you have the patience to sit through some of those scenes that tests your patience. One gets a feeling that this could be much better with some genuine trimming. Now decide on your own.

Verdict: Average

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