Kolaiyuthir Kaalam review: A wishy-washy film that fails to deliver!

Nayanthara’s Kolaiyuthir Kaalam struggles to engage the audiences

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Thursday 15 August 2019

Movie Title

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam review: A wishy-washy film that fails to deliver!


Chakri Toleti

Star Cast

Nayanthara, Bhumika, Prathap Pothen

Despite loosely based on the riveting psychological thriller Hush, Nayanthara’s Kolaiyuthir Kaalam struggles to engage the audiences. Director Chakri Toleti who ruined the classic Scarface as Billa II  has once again delivered a wishy-washy film with plodding screenplay and lackluster execution.

Shruti (Nayanthara) is a deaf and mute girl who grew up in an orphanage in Chennai. However, impressed with Shruti’s character and natural talent, a millionaire from the UK adopts her and also declares her as the legal heir. When Shruti reaches London, trouble arises in the form of a home invasion. A strange man chases Shruti inside the bungalow... 

Kolaiyuthir Kaalam had the potential to be an edge of the seat thriller film like Game Over but director Chakri Toleti has spoiled all the fun with his weak writing and shoddy execution. Though Nayanthara has given her heart and soul for the film, she couldn’t save the sinking ship as the Captain is not efficient enough to provide a smooth ride. 

The idea of revealing the true intention of Bhumika doesn’t help much as the director took the audiences for granted in the home invasion scenario. While the villain could easily finish off the protagonist, he shows a sluggish attitude just like the director of the film!

At least ‘Billa II’ had fine technicalities but here the background score is loud and the editing is incoherent. The only solace of the film is crystal clear cinematography. The climax and second half of the film clearly tell us that the film is incomplete because of the internal issues within the production.

Overall, Kolaiyuthir Kaalam is one of the weakest heroine centric-films of Nayanthara in recent times. But you can’t blame her, the director got it all wrong despite inspired by a well-made thriller.

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