Kolamaavu Kokila review: If you enjoy the unconventional, give it a shot!

Nayanthara steals the show with her mannerisms in 'Kolamaavu Kokila'

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 17 August 2018

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Kolamaavu Kokila review: If you enjoy the unconventional, give it a shot!



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Nayanthara, Saranya, Yogi Babu

By Moviebuzz

Debutant director Nelson delivers a deliciously complex offering--a film about an ordinary girl in a bizarre situation, but all the while it remains a story that’s believable because the characters are real and the situations cleverly constructed. The film’s key weapon is Nayanthara who plays the protagonist and a remarkable soundtrack by Anirudh Ravichander.

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Kokila (Nayanthara) is the eldest daughter of her family comprising of a caring mother (Saranya Ponvannan) who has lung cancer, a helpless dad (RS Shivaji) who is a security guard, and a college-going sister (Jacqueline). Knowing her financial problems and need for money, opportunists try to exploit the pretty Kokila, but she knows how to say 'No' in her own style.

However, Kokila has to cough up money for her mom's treatment and she bumps into a drug smuggling gang. Kokila decides to work for the gang, as they are in need of an innocent face to be a peddler. The rest of the film is all about how the timid Kokila handles deadly criminals and even more dangerous cops with her sharp moves.

Nayanthara steals the show with her mannerisms, dialogue delivery, and screen presence. She dives courageously into her role, sacrificing vanity and pride to play Kokila with dignity and innocense.

Yogi Babu has been used to please the gallery and he does his job neatly. Saranya Ponvannan has done an impressive job but her mannerisms have become predictable these days. Rajendran and the actor who comes as the lover of Jacqueline test our patience. As Nelson is from Vijay TV background, he has used reality show comedians like Arathangi Nisha and Vadivelu Balaji to please the masses.

Nelson has perfectly packaged the first half of the film in an enteratining manner with songs, comedy and establishment of characters with a kick-ass interval block. Aided by a catchy soundtrack, unflashy-but-intuitive camerawork by Sivakumar Vijayan, remarkable production design and an extraordinary score that comprises catchy compositions by Anirudh, Nelson creates a film that is enthralling for the most part.

If the film falters, it is in the second half where the absence of humour is felt, a key twist comes off unconvincing, and a climax which is too convoluted. But these are small nitpicking in an enjoyable ride that deserves to be relished. Overall, if you enjoy the unconventional, give it a shot.

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Reactions from Social Media:
Muthu.R @muthurobo

An ordinary first half which slowly moves towards the plot which followed by the fun filled second half which made me to laugh like never before in the recent times, still feel the throat pain.. Worth a watch..
Final Verdict : Yes I agree,கமல் ஒரு தீர்க்கதரிசி

Jaf @Jaf_India
#KolamaavuKokila interval. Uncontrollable laughter. Never scene such a twisting funny interval block before. So far sure shotttttt

Balakumar V @kvbalakumar
#KolamaavuKokila first half done... Perfect combination of Story content and comedy.#Nayanthara steals the show.

Sidhu @sidhuwrites
#KolamaavuKokila Interval: Moving at a good pace. The comedy and thrills are balanced well. #Nayanthara rocks in a timid role, bringing out an understated performance!

Asfar! @itsmeasfa
Please go and watch with your friends and family. 100% guaranteed entertainment. You'll never feel dull at any moment, @Nelson_director beautifully crafted it in a way how YOU like.Easily the Best movie of the year! #KolamaavuKokila #Nayanthara @anirudhofficial @VigneshShivN

Subramanian Surya @subbusurya
#CoCo #KolamaavuKokila : it might be the first time wherein a trademark comedian gets a full length intro romantic song. Within first 20 mins of movie you have #KalyanaVasayu song and theatre erupts !

Aquva ouma @OumaAquva
@rameshlaus @onlynikil guys #KolamaavuKokila #KolamavuKokila terrific movie. Laugh riot ! Easily the best comedy movie of the year. @anirudhofficial amazing songs and Background music. @YogiBabu_offl next Vadivelu ! Complete entertainment. Go for it

Rajasekar @sekartweets
#KolamaavuKokila - Must appreciate Nayanthara's guts, she is definitely pushing the boundaries with her every heroine centric Tamil film. If Aramm and Maya are for niche audiences, she has taken a commercial route this time and pulled it off in style. #Coco

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