Kollywood voices out against the cruelty

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Last Updated: Wed, Apr 18th, 2018, 20:01:58hrs
Kollywood voices out against the cruelty
An eight-year-old was raped and murdered by heartless monsters in Jammu and Kashmir, the incident shocked the entire nation and a lot of celebrities are also voicing out against the cruelty. Here is a compilation of tweets from Kollywood celebrities who spoke against this merciless crime…

Kamal Haasan: 

Does it have 2 b ur own daughter fr u 2 understand? She could’ve been mine. I feel angry as a man, father & a citizen fr failing her. I m sorry my child v didn’t make this country safe enough fr U. I’ll fight fr justice at least fr future kids like u. V mourn u & won’t forget u.

Prakash Raj

#UnnaoCase  ..as a parent my heart screams in pain...how much more will we tolerate as a society.. how long will we be silent to such acts of communalising crimes..when will our conscience wake up to question..to fight..and put an end to this  communal narrative #justasking


Poor child! Hell Is waiting for these animals who tortured and killed her!  Hang those assh*les ! How can some one be this inhuman?!

Rakul Preet Singh

This is inhuman , sick and demands immediate action. I wonder if any punishment is hard enough for monsters like this !!we need to put a stop to it now !! #justice #stricterpunishments

Vishnu Vishal

Hang those b******s. Enough is enough...#humanity is dyin..


What I am going through now is beyond words..the pain n agony is unexplainable..as a woman,as a mother I can feel the pain of the mother of 8yr old in #Kathua ..this is not my India..this is not the country I grew up in n if this is the #NewIndia , I detest the newness in it..


It is so inhuman , just horrible to know this society coexits...these animals should be punished.


So now a crime like rape is also basis country n religion... that’s what we have stooped down to with our analysis. Can we stop shamelessly pointing fingers and accept that we have failed as a nation and made a shameless joke out of this heinous crime!


No humanity left! Frightening to even read about the gory details of the heinous act on a fragile little girl!