Komarum Puli review

Komarum Puli review



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 10 September 2010

Movie Title

Komarum Puli review


SJ Suryah

Star Cast

Pawan Kalyan, Nikisha Patel, Manoj Bajpai, Suryah, Ali, Nazar

Komarum Puli, now only Puli with the affix of Komarum removed, has kept fans of Pawan Kalyan and the general audience in curiosity for two and half years.

After Jalsa, expectations about Puli remained naturally high, coupled with the strengths of SJ Suryah, who gave Pawan Kalyan, an all-time blockbuster Kushi. Is Puli worth the wait? Not really.

True to the fashion of Bollywood in late 1970s, Puli is the story of a woman who is out to avenge the killing of her cop-husband.

The pregnant (Saranya) is the protagonist as her hubby is killed by Al Saleem (Manoj Bajpai), the worst sort of anti-national. Giving birth to Komarum Puli (Pawan Kalyan), she grooms the child to become a hardcore IPS officer, who cares for nothing but the safety of the nation.

Puli happens to avert the assassination attempt on India's Prime Minister (Girish Karnad) at a function in Bangkok. The PM asks Puli to name what he wants. Puli asks for a separate force for himself (like Pawan Kalyan's idealistic Anti-Corruption Force) to weed out corruption.

His wish is granted!

While eliminating the baddies, Puli comes across his father's killer, while on a search operation for a missing police officer (Suryah). The heroine (Nikisha Patel), who blushes and woos the hero, plays the role of a cop.

Pawan Kalyan has totally abandoned his own style and tried to get into the shoes of Saikumar, trying to set the screen ablaze with thuds of gunfire and stunts, blowing out heavily-worded dialogues. The claim of the director (Suryah) that he had presented Pawan Kalyan in a new format is cent percent true.

Nikisha, though limited to the role of a glam doll, provides the romantic angle and is a success considering her gorgeous frame and fresh looks. Definitely a heroine to watch out for.

The role of Manoj Bajpai, the villain of the piece, is not etched out to perfection. Without equipping the villain with elements required for a revenge story, the character fails to make a mark.

Saranya as the protagonist is fairly good. Ali's comedy falls flat. Though Shriya sizzles, her item song is grossly out of place, thus failing to make an impact.

Charan Raj is okay, while Nazar as usual brings justice to his role. Girish Karnad appears in only a cameo as PM.

The story has no originality and at the same time it badly suffers from the lack of logic. The screenplay is confused and narration suffers from breaks in continuity. After all, the movie was shot for nearly one thousand days.

Let us stick to one character ? Komarum Puli. His frame varies from frame to frame. His body language, uniform and diction is one confused mess.

The comedy is substandard. Though the director introduces some interludes, they really don't work with the audience. The songs too are weak on the screen. AR Rehman's music would sound better to the ears, but the scenes don't live up to the music. The graphic is not up to the mark.

Thoughtless editing only adds to the confusion. Each frame flashes and disappears like magic. Cinematography is good, but loses out to the editing. A monotonous film.

Verdict: Disgusting

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