Koode review: One from the heart!

It’s hard not to be moved by director Anjali Menon’s Koode

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 14 July 2018

Movie Title

Koode review: One from the heart!


Anjali Menon

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Nazriya, Parvathy

It’s hard not to be moved by director Anjali Menon’s Koode, a heartwarming tale of emotional bonding between a brother and his little sister.

Joshua (Prithviraj) had to leave his home discontinuing his studies while in school and is now toiling in the Gulf. The story begins when he learns about the death of his sister Jennifer (Nazriya Nazim), who has been ill, right from her childhood days.

Joshua wasn’t much close to his parents and had barely come home during his years abroad. He barely knew his sister closely and so, when he comes to know more about her, it changes his perceptions about life, bonding and love.

Now, if we give any more details about the storyline, it will reveal the nicest aspects about the story and we are not playing spoilsports.

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The inspiration for the story has been given to Marathi actor and director Sachin Kundalkar. Anjali adds definite Malayali flavor and milieu, creating a world, where fantasy and emotions are beautifully mixed. Yes, the narrative is pretty unconventional and the settings are superbly done. In fact, all these have become the strengths of the film as well.

Even then the journey gets shaky at times and the issues faced by Parvathy’s character are expressed in a hasty manner.

The visuals by Littil Swayamp are top notch and the music is good.

With a matured performance, Prithviraj conveys the feelings that his character goes through, superbly. Nazriya is cute, but one gets the feeling that there is a conscious effort to make her bubbly in every frame. Parvathy has a brief role to play and that she does well. Ranjith and Maala Parvathy are good.

Koode is one of those films with its heart at the right place. It’s genuinely affecting and can make your eyes moist at times, with its sincerity. Go for it!

Koode review-Verdict: Good

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Reactions from Social Media:
Aravind @kkr_rockstars

Interval. The mood that Anjali is holding onto is nice but it drags at places. Do not go to the theater expecting a colorful entertainer like BD. Littil Swayamp is the star of the film so far. World class visuals. #Koode #KoodeTheMovie

Smart Barani @SmartBarani
#Koode just visually entertaining drama which has all emotions.. nazriya steals the show .. each and every scene her reactions and dialogues made the movie so good .. kudos to Anjali Menon for making a beautiful film again .. I just loved it 3.5/5, go for it

Chalse sobaraj @rajeeshnambiar1
#Koode A feel good movie from #Anjalimenon. Little bit of lagging in the 2nd half making the movie down. But it's a decent watchable flick from the Big team. Little swayamp rocking with his eyes after parava. Really it's a visual treat for viewers.1/2

Akhil Vijay @Akkichins
#Koode #FDFS @AnjaliMenonFilm ma'am this one is class. A beautiful movie with one of the best visuals and story telling. @PrithviOfficial @Nazriya4U_ @parvatweets and all the cast we're excellent. I'm so moved right now. I'm in love with #JOSHUA #jeny #sofy
#Koode review

Rajat Kalandy‏ @RajatKalandy
#koode What A Splendid PerformanceWithout Any doubt he made his 100th Movie A Memorable One After a very long time happened to see prithvi in natural smiles and acting. Made his role so composed and perfect. #prithvi100 @PrithviOfficial

ainesh zacharias @iam_ainesh
Heartwarming tale of relationships
#Koode is love
Don't miss this brilliant movie from Anjali menon @PrithviOfficial @Raghu_Dixit @parvatweets @Forumkeralam1 @Forumreelz

feviyan paulson @feviyanpaulson2
#Koode first half
Started little bit slowly, but then back on the track.
Nazriya stealing the show.. Little Swayamp frames
Bgm <3 Prithvi

M'wood Updates @abureload2
As the tagline suggest it's a Heartwarming tale of relationship.. with superb performance from the entire cast..
Anjali menon once again proves her caliber with a quality product but it lags at some points
#LittleSwayamp visuals
Verdict: Watchable

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