Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 16 June 2014

Movie Title



Srinath Rajendran

Star Cast

Mohanlal, Bharath, Sunny Wayne, Bhavana

In one line, director Srinath Rajendran?s Koothara has lived up to its name (pun intended). Or in other words, this boring misadventure leaves you clueless on what the makers were trying to say after a rather excruciating 2 hours and 30 minutes.

Koobrin (Bharath), Tarun (Tovino Thomas) and Ram (Sunny Wayne) share a room in an engineering college. The film?s first half is pretty fine, as short comedy skits are enacted, generating intermittent chuckles with jokes on booze, romance and sex, as the trio attempts one adventure after the other.

They fall in love and as it happens so often in the film, it?s the women who are mostly shown to be wilier in love, which is perhaps breaking the conventional norm to a certain extent. Fair enough, but it all goes awry from then on.

Mohanlal appears sometime later, all with an ill-fitting wig and some badly written lines. The story moves ahead in an over indulgent and impudent way most of the time, alienating the viewers in the process.

Well, we won?t play spoilsports by revealing more but you need real patience to sit through the film?s insipid second half.

Let us make it clear. There is no problem in coming up with a wacky narration or in experimenting with aspects that the viewers are not used to. But here, the film simply tests your tolerance and you watch in disbelief, when elementary ideas are being presented as if that is something unique!

After an impressive Second Show, director Srinath Rajendran seems to have been vying to present something too out of the box, which ends up as a farce. Vini Viswalal?s script never really impresses. Pappu?s visuals are good. The music is fine at times and irritating for the rest of the time.

In a brief role, which can?t be salvaged even by a genius, Mohanlal is a total misfit in the film. As you sit in absolute disbelief, you just expect the mood to change. But no such luck here and all you feel is anger for wasting the actor in such an inconsequential role.

Of the trio, it is Bharath who is trying really hard to make some impact and those involving him are the best moments in the film. Tovino Thomas looks totally lost, while Sunny Wayne does a half-hearted attempt at best. The rest of the cast has nothing much to do.

Now, there is no point in blaming rest of the actors, when the main character of the film is a dog, curiously named after the film?s title.

All that we would know as the end titles start rolling is that it is difficult to get a taste of this weirdly cooked dish, if it was meant to have one seriously. That is a big let down from a team of youngsters, who showed great promise in their maiden venture.

Try Koothara at your own risk please!

Verdict: Disappointing

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