Critic's Rating: 3/5

Sunday 29 September 2013

Movie Title



Baiju Johnson

Star Cast

Baiju Johnson, Parvathy Omanakkuttan

In the laugh riot Pranchiyettan & the Saint, a wealthy businessman from Thrissur tries to earn some respect as he ventures out to ?buy? a Padmashri award. With KQ, Baiju Johnson aka Baiju Ezhupunna, a small time baddie with modest looks in Malayalam and Tamil films, try to establish himself as a director and hold your breath, as a hero as well!

Now, films can be good or bad. But what if it mocks the viewer? In KQ (which stands for Keep Quiet, as it is shown somewhere in between) Benzir (Baiju) and Roshan are small time swindlers. They are into booze and women, which is a convenient excuse to shower expletives at regular intervals, stuff the scenes with double meaning dialogues and irritating skin show by the male leads themselves!

Benzir sings at local concerts and the heroine makes her entry soon. She is Sunaina (Parvathy Onamakkuttan), the correspondent of 'London Times', who is there to write a story about him and perhaps, about the place as well.

The star reporter has no place to stay and decides to go to their rather horrible looking apartment. The two men try to impress her, which is an excuse to add some songs. If you are still interested in the story, it's better that you go through this ordeal yourself.

Baiju Johnson's KQ can easily rank among the worst films in Malayalam ever. Jomon Thomas' camera and Stephen Devassy's music are fine, but you barely think about such things, when you sit inside watching all that is coming on screen in absolute disbelief.

Among the actors, there is a great competition going on all along to come up with the most pathetic performance. Baiju, with an ill-fitting wig to add to the woes, goes on and on like there is no tomorrow. Parvathy Omanakkuttan seems to have no acting bones and catwalks across the screen without any emotions. The less said about the rest of the performances, the best.

KQ insults the viewer and it is rather a matter of concern that when good films find it hard to get theatres, films like these find a place at the cinemas. Forget this one like a bad dream!

Verdict: Avoidable

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