Kudaikkul Mazhai

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Friday 3 September 2004

Movie Title

Kudaikkul Mazhai



Star Cast

Parthipan, Madhumitha,

Parthipan is always trying out something innovative as his new film Kudaikkul Mazhai has a subject which only the brave would attempt.

Venkatkrishnan (Parthipan) is an autorickshaw driver who happens to meet a smart, vibrant young girl Madhumitha (Madhumita) at a coffee shop. The girl is smitten by his behavior and the way he talks but Venkat does not take it seriously. Madhu bumps into him once again and this time she openly tells him that she loves him. (Also read: Parthipam: `Kudaikkul Mazhai` will click)

Now Venkat too becomes serious and falls hook-line-sinker for her charm and starts worshipping her. He even goes to the extent of shaving off his hair in Tirupathy for her health but soon reality dawns on him as a big shock awaits him. Madhu turns out to be a TV anchor with ?Moon TV?, a satellite channel who does the candid camera show and Venkat was just another ?bakra?(scape goat) for her!Also read: Parthipam: `Kudaikkul Mazhai` will click)

This small incident however changes life totally for the straight forward and na?ve Venkat who slips into delusional schizophrenia. Parthipan has confined the film to an old bungalow with virtually two characters. He has tried to capture the mind of a guy wracked by anxieties and paranoia.

He has come out with a mesmerising portrayal as the troubled protagonist and his dialogue delivery cannot be matched by any hero in Tamil industry. Madhumita, a Mumbai model plays his object of desire and she is stunning and is sure to go places.

Unlike his previous films where music plays an important role, here there are three songs tuned by Karthik Raja which are average. But the background score is good and the sets designed by Vijay Murugan add authencity to the narration. On the down side the film drags in the second half and the brother character is not only loud and lewd but is also a bit of a bore. Still Parthipan wanted to explore new frontiers within the commercial format and he has done his best to make a different film.

Verdict: Brave Attempt

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