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Monday 25 May 2015

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Jayasurya, Honey Rose

If he is honest, director Aneesh Anwar perhaps needs to do a Kumbasaaram (Confession) to the viewers about his film's source. This painful misadventure is shamelessly inspired from the 2007 Serbian drama Klopka or The Trap, in English.

Albie (Jayasurya) is an auto driver, who is happily married to Meera (Honey Rose). They had a love marriage and lives with no support from their families but that doesn't deter the couple from leading a model family life. They have a smart son named Jerry.

But things go horribly wrong for them when the kid is detected with cancer. They knock all the possible doors for help but they are cruelly disowned by all. The helpless mom gives an advertisement in a newspaper seeking help from others. 

Soon after, Albie gets a call from a stranger who offers to give him the money required for the kid's operation and even more. But there is one condition, he has to kill someone in return. Indecent Proposal, anyone?

This one is a mundane story where the main characters are saints and the baddie is a wretched demon, perhaps on the lines of those old masala flicks. The director tires to cover up the wafer thin plot with unnecessary detailing, close ups and dialogues that make you cringe. The background score that never seems to end adds to your woes no less.

And as someone in the theatre rightly mentioned, both the background score and Jayasurya have something in common. Both tend to bore you with its over involvement. 

Honey Rose has nothing much to do. The kids are fine and Shanavas comes up with a nice show.

Kumbasaaram is a never-ending saga of excessive melodrama that never affects you. It's the kind of story that would have been fine as a tearjerker on TV, some two decades back. If your concept with films matches with that description, try this one at your own risk.

Verdict: Below Average

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