Kundakka Mandakka

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Critic's Rating: 17/5

Monday 10 October 2005

Movie Title

Kundakka Mandakka



Star Cast

Parthipan, Vadivelu, Lakshmi Rai

This Parthipan-Vadivelu comedy is a slapdash enterprise that will make you groan. It is one the most unappetising comedy fare that seems to be concocted on the sets by director Asokan and his lead pair with no plot and there is hardly anything to laugh about.

How could the director expect the audience to sit through this big bore watching the situations, proceedings and characters on display? One among the many big jokes- Parthipan is driving a car with Vadivelu by his side. Suddenly they see a see a tyre rolling along the road. Parthipan asks Vadivelu to run and get the tyre that has rolled out of their car!!! And an idiot Vadivelu tries to get it, thinking that the car was running without a tyre so far!!

Such sick jokes can be imagined only by an addled mind, and all this is what Kundakka Mandakka is all about! The film is very difficult to stomach as Parhipan is shown as a smart alec and Vadivelu as a buffoon and nincompoop who mucks up whatever he does! Lakshmi Rai is there for some vulgarity in the name of glamour!

Enough endured. Instead of viewing this farce, stay at home and watch cartoon network!

Verdict: Stay Away

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