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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 09 January 2012

Movie Title



Saji Surendran

Star Cast

Jayasurya, Ananya

What was scenarist Krishna Poojappura and director Saji Surendran thinking about when they first toyed with the plot of this shockingly absurd drama called Kunjaliyan?

Even more surprising, how did they convince the producer, the actors and the technicians to be part of this buffoonery?

These are some of the many questions that come to our mind as we try coming to terms with the happenings at a fictitious place called Gopalapuram, where almost every relevant character is painstakingly dumb, irritatingly loud and hams it up in virtually every scene. Now, if you are ready to brand such sequences as entertainment, this movie could be an okay one in parts.

Jayaraman (Jayasurya) is having a tough life in the Gulf and to add to his dismay, he loses his job one fine day. As per the advice of his friend Preman (Suraj Venjarammoodu), he returns to Gopalapuram, where his three sisters and uncle are living with their families. His brothers-in-law had treated him badly earlier but now they all are competing with each other to shower him with affection. The reason: Preman had informed them that Jayaraman had won a 50 crore worth lottery, while in the Gulf.

As every trick in the book is used from now on to tickle your funny bone, you sit there absolutely exasperated. The story even takes some serious turns with a twist in the tale and by then, things stop affecting much, as you would have guessed by now on what to expect.

Saji Surendran, Krishna Poojappura and Jayasurya had teamed up to make a just about watchable movie called Ivar Vivahitharaya, a few years back. Then they copied No Entry to make Happy Husbands. Fo(u)r Friends, shamelessly copied from The Bucket List, was a disaster. With Kunjaliyan the team hits a new low as the attempt is to make a comedy skit, another version of those boring ones that is always seen on TV. The visuals by Anil Nair are fine while M G Sreekumar?s songs are just unbearable, except for one.

Jayasurya, who was really good in the film Beautiful recently, disappoints in a major way. Ananya has to look serious in a comic film. The less said about the acting of the rest of the cast, the better.

It is at times fun to watch some mindless entertainers without caring for the logic. But Kunjaliyan just questions your intelligence and tests your patience. Go for this one only if you are ready to laugh watching such stuff.

Verdict: Below Average

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