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Friday 10 August 2001

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Kushi is an out and out Pavan Kalyan film, which totally depends on his larger than life image. The story is non-existent and the whole film rides on the strength of Pavan?s songs and dance sequences, coupled with P.C.Sreeram?s eye-catching photography. The film is a remake of Tamil super hit Kushi where Vijay played Pavan Kalyan?s role. But Bhoomika is no patch for Jyothika who did the original Tamil version.

The story is about a boy and a girl, who are born on the same day but in different cities ? Siddharth Roy (Pavan Kalayan) in Kolkata and Madhumati (Bhoomika) in Hyderabad. They meet for the first time as babies in a saree shop and clasp each other?s hands. Later they meet again in a Hyderabad college campus and become ?great friends?.

Now for the twist in the tale, Siddharth gets a glimpse of the bare waist of Madhumati. She feels he was stealing a look deliberately, which leads to an ego clash between them. They both are so egoistic that they don?t make up but continue to love each other in their hearts. The director Surya has woven the story of two lovers with giant size egos who are reluctant to kiss and make up. The lovers never try to make up, which is really what makes the film work.

An ordinary story line has been woven well by Surya. The music of Manisarma is ok, but it is photography of P.C.Sreeram and the easy style of acting by Pavan Kayan, that makes the film watchable.

Verdict: Watchable

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