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Monday 26 June 2006

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Raj Kapoor

Star Cast

Prabhu, Karthik, Manya, Flora

Everybody wants to make you laugh. But hey, not everybody can make a comedy that isn?t loud, ludicrous, non-happening and downright silly. Tamil director Raj Kapoor has been making Kusthi for the last few years with Prabhu and Karthik, the magic pair who scorched the screen during the 80?s with Mani Ratnam?s great entertainer Agninakchatram. Well now the pair looks jaded as they ham their way through in the company of Vadivel.

The weakest link in Kusthi is its story which has been ripped off a Malayalam film in the first half and a Telugu film in the latter half! It is nothing but a mish-mash of mistaken identities, slapstick comedy, a bit of glamour, a comic villain, loving grandfather, mother sentiments and lots of crass jokes.

Jeeva (Prabhu) a village guy escapes marriage to a fat and stupid daughter of a village chief (Radha Ravi). He comes to the city and joins an idiotic friend Velu (Vadivel) who runs a mobile eatery shop. They meet a local conman and ?dada? Singam (Karthik) who is in love with Abhi (Flora) a research student who is doing a research on gangsters! Jeeva falls for a lady doctor (Manya). In an accident and mix-up Jeeva saves the life of a woman (Latha) a millionaire while Singam gets a bag full of money from a thug (Raj Kapoor). All this leads to mix-up and it is a merry-go-round which is sorted out in the last reel.

Vadivelu?s dialogues and slapstick humour livens up the proceedings while Flora and Manya provide glamour. Imman rehashes some old tunes. Raj Kapoor the director wants the audience to laugh but the film is not funny at all.

Humour did anyone say?

Verdict: Crass Slapstick

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