Kuttram Kadithal

Kuttram Kadithal



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Movie Title

Kuttram Kadithal



Star Cast

Radhika Prasiddha, Sai Rajkumar Master Ajay

This is one of those rare Tamil movies that deserves to be watched. Across the world, directors intend to make two kind of movies—one to efface all the worries of the audience and other is to make them live once again through characters which appear onscreen. 

Debutant director Bramma’s Kuttram Kadithal belongs to the second category; an absolute cinematic masterpiece, which has brilliantly portrayed the core essence of human emotions.

Merlin (Radhika Prasiddha) is a newly married school teacher, who is about to start a fresh lease of life with her soul mate, Manikandan ( Sai Rajkumar). As the couple belongs to different community, it’s quite obvious that Merlin’s mom  who is a staunch Christian is not willing to accept her.  

On her first day at school, Merlin accepts to substitute one of her colleague but unfortunately that particular decision turns her life upside down as she beats a naughty student, Chezhiyan (Master Ajay), who collapses and goes into coma.

Chezhiyan’s mom (Sathya) is a single parent and auto driver, his uncle Udayan (Pavel Navageethan) is a communist, who can’t tolerate and fight back against the carelessness of the rich. The rest of story tells us about the emotional trauma between the conscience-stricken couple and the anguished family of Chezhiyan.

First of all, kudos to director Bramma for making a film which is filled with plethora of real life characters, textbook screenplay, poignant music and effortless acting.

As you read the plot, it’s a simple film but the sublime detailing and exemplary execution provides us a lifetime movie watching experience and undoubtedly, Kuttram Kadithal is one of the best films ever made in Tamil cinema. To be honest, we have a cult classic here!

When people considering songs as speed breakers, Bramma has used Bharathiyar’s ageless classic Chinnanjiru Kizhiyey to convey the back-story of all the characters and without a doubt, it’s the peak emotional point of the whole film.

Radhika Prasiddha is a brilliant find and one must say that she has literally lived in the role of the guilty-ridden teacher. The little boy Ajay, who essayed the role of Chezhiyan establishes a strong emotional connect with his uncanny expressions.

Pavel Navageethan’s performance as an intrepid communist is splendid while the rest of the cast including Kulothungan (principal), Durga (principal’s wife) and Sai Rajkumar have also given commendable performances.

Technically too, music composer Shankar Rangarajan’s songs flow well with the movie while his haunting background score elevates the scenes to a different level. Sound designer Antony Jeyaruban must be lauded for providing the lively ambiance while Manikandan’s raw angles have magnificently captured the real emotions.

Overall, Kuttam Kadithal is a must watch.

Verdict: Good

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