KV Anand: Suriya never gets tired of retakes

Source : SIFY
Last Updated: Tue, Sep 17th, 2019, 20:42:35hrs
KV Anand: Suriya never gets tired of retakes
"Suriya never gets tired of retakes. I think he will not accept films which do not require any homework", said KV Anand while meeting the media on Saturday in Chennai to promote his soon to be released Kaappaan.

"I'm not sure whether any other hero would accept a film like Kaappaan which has scope for multiple actors. Suriya accepted the film because of the faith he had on him and he also understood the overall impact of the script", added the director.

KV Anand said that he has talked about SPG(Special Protection Group) in Kaappaan which comprises of top police officers and army officials. "The major difference is that the officers from SPG is that they work closely with Prime Ministers and top politicians so they get a personal bonding with them. An SPG officer's prime duty is to take a bullet whereas other police officers and army officers are trained to attack the enemies", he said.

Talking about Mohanlal, Anand said: "Mohanlal never shown starry tantrums on sets. When we were super tensed on the sets, he would crack a joke which would bring us back to normalcy".

The director said that Sayyeshaa is not playing a routine heroine in Kaappaan. "As she started her career as a child artist, Sayyeshaa is brilliant and grasp the narration very quickly. Her character got many layers and takes the story forward".

Anand also revealed that the film also with the assassination of India's Prime Minister in the film and things which went behind the attack. "Pattukottai Prabhakar and I started writing the script in 2012 but so many things written by us long back are happening now", said Anand.

Kaappaan is all set to release in Tamil and Telugu on September 20.