Ladoo review: Lowbrow comedy

Ladoo is an okay ride, if you are ready for two hours of mindless fun

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Critic's Rating: 2/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

Movie Title

Ladoo review: Lowbrow comedy


Arun George K David

Star Cast

Vinay Forrt, Gayatri Ashok

Director Arun George K David’s Ladoo is a comedy, based on the adventures of a gang of friends who are trying to help a couple in love.

SK (Shabareesh Varma), Rahul (Balu Varghese) and their friends are all set to help lovebirds Vinu (Vinay Forrt) and Angeline (Gayatri Ashok) to get married. They manage to get a car, get the girl out of her house and are ready for the marriage. After several confusions, they reach a sub-registrar’s office but there is a problem. Angeline has not taken her birth certificate with her.

A few characters join the mess, as they all go around finding ways to make their plan happen. They approach Suresh (Dileesh Pothen), an expert in such cases, for help. But by then, the girl’s uncle Circle Inspector Joseph Dayanidhi (Bobby Simha) starts chasing them.

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Based on a rather simple idea, the director tries to add comedy from the situations and dialogues. The film unfolds as if the makers have gone ahead without a written script. It’s fine for sure but the problem is when the journey becomes bumpy. It is towards the last twenty minutes or so that the film manages to get into a fine track.

Vinay Forrt has a limited role to play and he repeats his trademark style once again, when in action. Gayatri Ashok makes a limited impression as the heroine. It is Shabareesh Varma and Balu Varghese who shines here with their comic timing. Bobby Simha has a brief role but even then he is good in those portions.

One gets a feeling that Ladoo could have been much better with some more interesting situations and smarter dialogues. In the current form, it is an okay ride, if you are ready for two hours of mindless fun.

Ladoo review: Lowbrow comedy

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