Lailaa O Lailaa

Lailaa O Lailaa



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 15 May 2015

Movie Title

Lailaa O Lailaa



Star Cast

Mohanlal, Amala Paul

There may be good films or bad films. But veteran director Joshiy's Lailaa O Lailaa makes you feel cheated. Despite having all the resources at their disposal, what you are given finally is close to three hours of sheer boredom. Nothing else!

Jaimohan (Mohanlal) is a divorcee, who is getting married again to Anjali Menon (Amala Paul), the daughter of a moneybag. Everyone, his new wife included, believes that Jai is an executive working for an exports firm.

But in reality, he works for the Anti-Terrorist wing of the India's Intelligence wing and is an ace super cop!

So, even while fighting the miscreants and decoding sensitive messages or defusing bombs with the ease of a sipping a cup of coffee, our hero takes so much trouble to make his wife believe that he is a normal husband, with a busy job at office.

Though you should be eager to suggest the similarity in the storyline to James Cameron's 1994 film True Lies, it would be a crime even to compare the two. This one is meant to get the maximum as satellite rights from some TV channel and besides that no real passion has been put into its making. 

Amidst the plush apartments, a few swanky cars and men in funny suites, the concept, basic storyline and presentation has been inspired from the loud commercial masala flicks of the 1980's or even before. The hero is invincible, the villains are dumb, the vamp comes for some skin show plus an item number, fights, dance and all the usual ingredients in plenty, as it were mandatory then.

In the end, the storyline is so silly that the viewer would be wondering what the whole drama was about. 

With unintentionally hilarious situations, cliches and double meaning dialogues that leaves you cringe, the script by Suresh Nair would make us feel that Mohanlal's disasters from the past like Cassnovva and Sagar Alias Jacky Reloaded were actually gems.

It is time for directors like Joshiy, who has been making lousy films one after the other during recent times, to take a look into the quality of his films, if he is still serious about his movies. Lokanathan's visuals are fine but Gopi Sundar's music is boisterous and irritating.

In a role, which would have been okay for him if he were some twenty years younger, Mohanlal tries to do his best but this one has been poorly written and is aimed at creating cheap thrills. 

The usually dependable Amala Paul looks lovely, but the film doesn't require her to so much as break into a sweat to get through her scenes. She has good screen space but that's all is not enough to make the character interesting.

Beyond the glitz, Lailaa O Lailaa is mundane and give the feel of watching an old Vijaykanth film. It's a pity that such eminently talented actors like Mohanlal and Amala Paul are wasted in this misadventure. Watch this one at your own risk please.

Verdict: Torture

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