Largo Winch director Jerome Salle heavily comes down on Saaho!

Last Updated: Tue, Sep 03, 2019 13:46 hrs
Jerome Salle

It’s well known that Prabhas’ Saaho is loosely inspired by French film Largo Winch

Now Jerome Salle director of Largo Winch took to his Twitter page to react on how the makers of Saaho and another Telugu film Agnyaathavaasi blatantly copied the core theme of his film.

A netizen posted, “@Jerome_SalleBuddy another day and another free make of your Largo winch movie in India #Saaho. You are the real Guruji” and reacting to the tweet Jerome Salle satirically replied, “I think I have a promising career in India”.

A few days later Jerome Salle also tweeted, "It seems this second 'Freemake' of Largo Winch is as bad as the first one. So please Telugu directors, if you steal my work at least do it properly? And as my "Indian career" tweet was, of course ironic, I'm sorry but I'm not gonna be able to help".