Latest update from TFPC meeting: No film shoots from March 16!

Last Updated: Tue, Mar 13, 2018 09:50 hrs

On Monday, an important meeting of Tamil Film Producers was held in Chennai. 

At the end of the meeting, producers have decided to continue their strike against digital service providers. Only a few hours before the meet, QUBE issued a press statement with their revised visual projection fee tariff and welcomed any new player in the business. But TFPC turned down the proposal and as announced earlier, there will not be any new film shoots from March 16. Film units who are camped outside Tamil Nadu can continue the shoot until March 23, added our source. Some of the key points discussed in the meet are as follows…

1) Producers should submit their tentative budget to the council before the shoot.

2) Technicians and actors remuneration will be regulated

3) Batta of the assistants to actors & actresses will not be entertained.

4)Promotions and publicity will be regulated

5) Content will be only delivered to theater owners who agree to the terms and conditions of TFPC.

6) Eye counter will be fixed in theaters to find the number of audiences

7) Online booking charges will be regulated. TFPC to propose a one-time charge for multiple tickets.

8) Once the strike gets over, movies which were censored from January will be given priority in the release.