Law Point

Law Point



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 03 May 2014

Movie Title

Law Point


Lijin Jose

Star Cast

Kunchacko Boban, Namita Pramod

Virtually nothing much happens in the first 90 minutes of director Lijin Jose?s Law Point that leaves you almost exasperated. And then, as if to compensate for it all, there are surprises or twists galore, during the final 20 minutes or so.

That?s about the film, in which silly situations are presented as if they all are too serious.

The film begins with a courtroom episode modeled in the clich?d way, with the judge calling for ?order, order? as the comedians and support cast try to tickle your funny bone with rather ordinary jokes. Lawyer Sathya (Kunchacko Boban) makes his dramatic entry into the court during the trial soon after, wins the case and charges a whopping sum as fees for a rather routine case.

Well, he is the hero and as it is a custom in commercial movies, logic has to take a backseat.

Next, he meets Maya (Namita Pramod), who has survived a suicide attempt, following a failed romance with a reckless youth. She is pretty tough and she agrees to go for a drive with the lawyer. As they indulge in endless discussions, you are left cringing in the seats.

Lijin Jose, who has directed Friday before, tries a bit too hard with a tasteless script here. Neil D? Cunha?s visuals are fine unlike Mejjo Joseph?s rather unimpressive background score.

After a series of rather surprisingly bad choices of late, Kunchacko Boban should seriously introspect his skills in picking the right scripts. He does his decent guy act yet again but how long can he keep doing the same thing, film after film?

Namita Pramod manages to impress in spite of all the shortcomings of the script. Krishna Shankar, who was highly impressive in Neram, repeats that style but to lesser effect. The rest of the cast has limited roles to play.

Law Point comes with a tagline, ?Law gets pointless?. Sadly, here it is the film that gets pointless!

Verdict: Below Average

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