Left Right Left

Left Right Left



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Movie Title

Left Right Left


Arun Kumar Aravind

Star Cast

Murali Gopi, Indrajith, Remya Nambeesan

You can agree with the content in director Arun Kumar Aravind's Left Right Left or not, but can't deny that this one has been fantastically made.

The story focuses on the lives of a few and intertwines at a certain point and the process makes it a bit shaky for sure. Still with some hard hitting moments, candid lines, brilliant visuals and impressive performances, the film is a visual treat.

Vattu Jayan (Indrajith) is a sub inspector of Police known for his wayward ways but madly in love with a married nurse named Jennifer (Remya Nambeesan). Roy Joseph aka Che Guevera (Murali Gopi) is a partly paralyzed left activist, married to a journalism teacher, Annie (Lena).

Then there are two characters, who bear uncanny resemblances to the top leaders of a communist outfit in Kerala. S R (Vijayaraghavan) talks, walks and behaves like a hugely popular and idealistic communist leader in the state and Kaitheri Sahadevan (Hareesh Peradi) is the corrupt, ruthless and powerful leader of the party. Needless to add, the two communist leaders hate each other and leaders of rival factions within the party.

Now the obvious question arises. When two characters with strikingly similar mannerisms reminding certain real life leaders, that too with several controversial incidents which connect to the reel ones, where will the viewer draw a line between reality and fiction?

There are even more similarities to real life 'khadar clad' politicians and it could be interesting to find the actual leaders from the clues available. But then, if the Communists and the Congressmen are crucified, there is also a definite support for the saffron cadres. This is obviously the behind the scenes politics, which could ruffle certain feathers for sure.

If you are ready to forget the politics involved, this film is gripping, fresh and strong. Arun Kumar Aravind has packaged it in a delicious way and he requires a pat on his back for the editing as well. The visuals by Shahnad Jalal are top notch and Gopi Sundar's music is good.

But the highlight of the film is some fabulous performances by actors like Murali Gopi, Indrajith and especially, theatre artiste Hareesh Peradi, who is just outstanding. The rest of the cast including Remya Nambeesan, Lena, Sudhir Karamana and the veteran actor who played Indrajith's mom all need a big round of applause.

Left Right Left is a tad longer in its duration than what one would have liked but every frame gives an idea about the passion that has gone into its making. The political stance may be debatable but that doesn't take away the film's merit as a terrific cinematic experience. Like this one or not, but never miss it!

Verdict: Good

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