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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 28 March 2014

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Boyapati Srinu

Star Cast

NBK, Jagapathi Babu, Radhika Apte, Sonal Chauhan, Hansa Nandini

The film starts off with the story of a goon like politician Jitendra (Jagapathi Babu). He kills the village head (Suman) in Vishakapatnam. Years later, village head`s younger son Krishna grows up to be a businessman in Dubai.

There he falls in love with an Indian beauty Sneha (Sonal Chauhan). To marry her, he comes down to India to her granny`s house in Vishakapatnam He accidentally gets involved in a fight with Jitendra`s son. Few days later, Jitendra`s son is killed and the father assumes that it was Krishna who was behind the killing. When Jitendra shoots Krishna, enters his older brother Jayadev (Balakrishna).

Now we are pushed into flashback. Jayadev like his father stands for the common people and takes on Jitendra who is now dreaming to become CM. When his wife (Radhika Apte) is killed by Jitendra, he goes all out to kill him.

Legend is the latest flick from the combination of Nandamuri Balakrishna and director Boyapati Srinu after the blockbuster Simha in 2010. Unlike Simha, Legend is clearly made to get the political mileage in the ensuing elections as Balakrishna will be either fielding as MLA or campaigning for TDP.

As the film is intended for political mileage, script takes backseat and story is driven with punch dialogues. He is superb in the role of Jayadev in the khadar attire.

Script runs on the Simha formula - hero in a dual role (younger Balakrishna and elder Balakrishna who fights for people), a granny who doesn`t want her grandson be involved in vengeance killings, reserving drama in the second half. But in Legend, scenes in the second half have no relation to the story. Take for example: Hero`s sister is pregnant and her husband wants her to have an abortion as she is expecting daughter.

Enter Balakrishna who beats his brother-in-law for this. Which is laudable! But he doesn`t stop there. He gives a long lecture on women and ends his speech that he will be always there for his sisters in the state. That is what we call, a ?poll dialogue?. Then there is another scene where in he calls in all MLA`s who are jumping from one party to other. One politician says that he earns Rs 100 crore and gives freebies to voters. Balakrishna gives examples about voter`s mindset which is again an obvious reference to current young political leaders. These don`t gel with the story at all.

First half is a big bore until the interval sequence. In the first half Brahmanandam`s comedy is very irritating. Second half of the movie has some meat and has some interesting sequences. The film completely hinges on Balakrishna`s charisma and dialogues. The film is watch-able only for Balakrishna`s performance and his absolute powerful dialogue delivery.

Balakrishna has played two roles. In the role of Jayadev, he gives his best. From his getup to his body language, it is perfect for the role. He lends dignity as well as powerfulness to the role. His punch dialogues and his acting would sure make his fans go in frenzy. In most of the dull sequences, he is the saving grace. But in other roles, he looks odd. For the first time in his career, Jagapathi Babu has played villain. Although his role is not etched properly, he brings out the menace with his vigour. His getup is so very right for the role.

Sonal Chauhan appears only in the first half, she looks very glamorous. Talented Radhika Apte has not much role but she has done justice. But a Cambridge educated young girl dreaming to become the wife of much older man who indulges in violent acts seems a bit unconvincing. The film has huge cast but hardly anyone makes an impression. Brahmanandam`s comedy is outdated.

The film carries rich look through out, thanks to cameraman Ram Prasad. He is the master in giving stylish and rich looks to action entertainers. It is his camera that is another huge asset in an otherwise typical masala movie. Of Devi Sri Prasad`s songs, `Legend Legend.. ` and `Nee Kanti Choopullo` are good.

Action episodes are over the top. Rathnam`s punch dialogues are fully loaded to reach its target audience. The film has racy pace and high production values. Director Boyapati Srinu knows how to present his heroes in most powerful way. He succeeds in that again. But his story and screenplay is mediocre. He has this habit of presenting every scene like a hero-introduction scene, not caring about the story flow. This film has such scenes aplenty.

Legend is made for Balakrishna`s fans and is intended to get political mileage. The movie is full of punch dialogues with beaten to death script. Balakrishna`s screen presence and his dialogue delivery is the highlight. A regular mass masala movie.

Rating: 3/5

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