Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Review: Blunder dot com!

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Review: Blunder dot com!

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By: Sonia Chopra

Critic's Rating: 3/5

Saturday 05 July 2014

Movie Title

Lekar Hum Deewana Dil Review: Blunder dot com!


Arif Ali

Star Cast

Armaan Jain, Deeksha Seth

They're not yet 21...and it shows. Since they?re still in college, the writers think it?s ok to flood their conversations with words like?types, cool, chilled, dot com, and bro.

Barely in love, Dino (Armaan Jain) and Karishma (Deeksha Seth) elope to escape theirtyrannical parents who want them to follow their diktat (arranged marriage et al).

First stop is Goa, and the two wonder if they?re doing any blunder (or ?blunder dot com?, as Dino loves to put it). We partially agree with Karishma that this is a consequence of parents not respecting their wishes. Fair enough. But is eloping the answer?

In the middle of all this, Dino makes a move on her, which she dismisses as creepy, cheap behavior. Devoid of any intelligence, charm or personality, this character is hardly a catch. The film brushes off his often crude language and behavior as boyish charm.

But then, as can happen only in Bollywood films, Karishma falls in love with him. They get married, and then starts their journey into the real world.

By now at least three songs are done with. There?s another one that pops in unexpectedly. The situation is that the two fools (a character rightly calls them Dumb and Dumber Part 3), escape to Dantewada in Chhattisgarh. Held captive by a Naxal camp, we watch horrified, as the Naxalites gather around for a racy item number (complete with backup dancers) in the forest. This is also a huge ?blunder dot com?.

By now, this lovey-dovey couple can?t stand each other. They fight, throw things at each other, say the nastiest things. They even travel on the bus in different seats.

This is interesting; as we rarely see a hero and heroine behave this despicably with each other in our films. The only other film that comes to mind is Saathiya. In that way, it?s raw and refreshing. But what then?

The two want to annul the marriage and get a lecture on how marriages are forever in Indian culture from the lady in the court. If the film had been so irreverent so far, why does it have to go down the suspect ?Indian culture? slippery slope? Why is a marriage annulled (between two krazy kids) worse than the Holocaust?

Debut director Arif Ali brings us a refreshing take on love, but cops out. While there are a few moments in the film worth savoring, the overall execution is dull.

Also Armaan Jain as Dino proves to be a weak link. Deeksha Seth who plays the feisty Karishma shows promise.

The film does have some triumphs. The courtroom scene where the loudly bickering couple forces the peon to get up and reprimand them is superb! A Holi party leads to lowered inhibitions and rekindling of feelings. A scene at the railway station is beautifully done, and brings out the couple?s complicated chemistry.

But one wonders why Dino, who never said a single wise word all through, gets to say the philosophical dialogue towards the end. And consequently Karishma, who was always the smarter one, becomes a wimp and agrees to marry her father?s choice.

The film has been arrestingly shot, and the songs are fun. The movie ends on a beautiful note (the closing credits), which I won?t reveal in case you catch the movie.

If only the rest of the film was as evocative!

Rating: Two stars

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