Lens review: Average fare

Lens review: Average fare



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 20 June 2016

Movie Title

Lens review: Average fare


Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan

Star Cast

Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan, Anand Sami, Aswathy Lal

Debutant director Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan’s Lens had an attractive trailer, that almost explained what to expect from the film. 

It’s a thriller that points to some of the perils of cyber technology, which is actually caused due to its misuse. 

An IT professional is having some fun inside his room, under the safety of a mask. He is tempted by a sexy woman on the other side of the cam to remove the mask and then, to strip. It’s all enjoyable but his naughty fun soon becomes serious and he is in for some real shock from then on. He is made to realise some truths on what some of his actions have done to certain people’s lives. 

There is a genuine story here and some messages for all as well. But the problem is the way it all has been narrated. The director stretches the story, testing the patience of the viewer in the process. 

The performances are nothing to rave about and that doesn’t help things either. You can watch it and be in your world thinking the right and wrong that you do while spending your time in front of a computer or for that matter, while using your mobile phone. 

The director plays the protagonist, the man who falls into a honey trap. Anand Sami is good as the guy who traps him. But he shares no real chemistry with Aswathy Lal, who plays his wife and the scenes look contrived. 

Lens has its moments and the story has relevance during these times. Still it falls short of becoming the engaging thriller that it sets out to be. If what you look forward to in a movie are some honest messages, this one could be a fine option. At best, it’s an okay one-time watch.

Lens review: Average fare

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