Life of Josutty

Life of Josutty



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Friday 25 September 2015

Movie Title

Life of Josutty


Jeethu Joseph

Star Cast

Dileep, Rachana, Jyothi Krishna

Director Jeethu Joseph, who made thatMalayalam cult classic Drishyam which wasremade into all south Indian languages including Hindi is back. This time,he narrates an autobiographical journey of a simple man called Josutty. 

First things first. This one is no Drishyam-no dramatic twists or turns andit’s unfair to compare  both the films.It is a simple tale that is preachy and melodramatic at times. But even then ithas its moments for sure. 

Josutty (Dileep) hails from a modesthousehold in a remote village in Idukki. He is a school dropout with no realplans about his life. He is very attached to his family and is in love with neighbourJessymol (Rachana Narayanankutty), who comes from a wealthier family. 

Her family is not too keen about theirromance and Jessy gets married to another youth. After a while, Josutty, whohas to take care of his family, agrees to marry a divorcee named Rose (JyothiKrishna), a nurse working in New Zealand. 

Rose leaves for New Zealand on theirwedding day. Josutty follow suit and tries to cope up with an alien environmentin the Kiwi land. 

With enough doses of double meaning dialogues,the film has a more entertaining first half and a rather emotional second half. 

There’s an angel and devil, who watches itall and perhaps to indicate their presence, the director has used top angleshots in plenty. Some of the dialogues and certain situations may be a bitoffensive, but it is clear all along that the makers of the film has meant thisone to be not taken too seriously. 

It’s Josutty’s tale and Dileep has playedhis part with amazing maturity. It’s quite unlike his usual style and hebecomes the character with lots of dedication. The rest of the cast supportshim pretty well. 

For a discerning viewer, Life of Josutty may be far from perfect.But if you are there at the cinemas to watch a normal villager’s struggles inlife, this one could be a decent option. 

On the downside, the film is tad too longby 20 minutes and the second half tests your patience and why was Nayanthararoped in for a cameo in the last scene?  


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