Lift review: This thriller works in parts!

Lift works in parts

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Critic's Rating: 2.5/5

Friday 01 October 2021

Movie Title

Lift review: This thriller works in parts!


Vineeth Varaprasad

Star Cast

Kavin, Amritha

Director Vineeth Varaprasad's Lift follows the template of Yaavarum Nalam/13B. The film tries to thrill us without showing the ghost till the end and provides chills through innovative paranormal activities.

Guru(Kavin) gets transferred to Chennai as the team lead, he works hard for the company and doesn't gel much with his colleagues. Within a few minutes, we are also shown Harini (Amritha), an HR in the same IT company but doesn't share a cordial relationship with Guru but they do have a discreet liking for each other. 

Known for his hard-working nature, Guru agrees to stay back to finish the project summary just when everyone leaves the office. Soon, he starts experiencing paranormal activities in the empty corporate office later in the night. He also meets Harini, who was locked in the document room. Together, both Harini and Guru are unable to come out of the office and the ghost send various signals that both would die around 3 AM. Can Guru and Harini save their lives and come out of the haunted office?

The first half of the film thrills us with a lift that stops at one floor only once, a locked cabin where you see objects flying here and there, a headless man, moving pair of shoes, and the blood-stained foot of a ghost. But after a point, things turn repetitive and test our patience. Though the climax is topical and emotional, the director should have established the conflict somewhere earlier in the film.

Kavin is super impressive as the suave, calm, and composed IT professional while Amritha is adequate. Kavin also looks good in the scenes where he loses his cool and utters local Chennai Tamil.

Technically, Lift is strong with stupendous cinematography, laudable sound design, and background score. To conclude, Lift is an interesting attempt that fizzled out by holding the twist till the end.

Verdict: Middling horror thriller







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