Lilli review: Not an easy watch!

Lilli may be far from perfect, but is a genuine experiment that needs to be appreciated.

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 01 October 2018

Movie Title

Lilli review: Not an easy watch!


Prasobh Vijayan

Star Cast

Samyukta Menon, Aryan Krishna Menon

Debutant director Prasobh Vijayan’s Lilli is about the shocking incidents that happen after a pregnant woman is abducted by a criminal gang.

Lilli (Samyukta Menon) is a pregnant lady, living in a modest house with her husband Ajith (Aryan Krishna Menon). The couple is all set to welcome their new born. Ajith is working extra time at the workshop where he is employed, to earn some additional income, which forces Lilli to go to the gynecologist and to buy things on her own. 

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Late in the night, when her husband is still at his workplace, Lilli gets a call where she is informed that Ajith has been injured in an accident. She rushes to the hospital driving the car on her own, but is brutally attacked by a three member gang, who takes her to an old, abandoned building.

The gang needs some information from Lilli and when she refuses to provide that, she is subjected to cruel torture.

With a simple but convincing plot, the director manages to present the thrilling incidents in an engaging way, with some twists and turns that could surprise the viewer. The nice visuals and good background score add to the tension.

At just above 90 minutes duration, the movie is deftly packaged. But it is not an easy watch, with violent scenes where the pregnant woman goes through seriously disturbing torture. There is a sub plot involving another attack on a judge, which is not mixing perfectly with the main narrative. 

Samyukta Menon performs the title character in a brilliant way. Though her diction sounds pretty dramatic at times, she has performed her role in a dedicated manner. Aryan comes up with an impressive performance. The rest of the cast, mostly fresh faces, are fine.

Lilli may be far from perfect, but is a genuine experiment that needs to be appreciated. 

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Reactions from Social Media

Murali @thefattitude
Don't hold back because the film features a set of fresh faces cause they do their job very well. Samyuktha Menon is a star. She stole the show with amazing and believable acting, that makes you empathize with #Lilli all through.

Shekhar H Hooli @shekharhhooli
Lilli movie review: Audience bowled over by #samyukthamenon 's acting #PrasobhVijayan 's direction

Morpheus @lionheart_abid
#Lilli is a brave attempt. Bloody brutally brave indeed. Whole the cast and crew deserves a big applause, especially #Samyuktha what a brilliant perfo.. take a bow lady.

Syam Krishna @syamlal1998
Never expected this kind of narration in malayalam film industry. Not for faint hearted. Hats off to Prasobh vijayan for making his first film in a unique way. Actors performed very well, especially @samyukthamenon camera and bgm was also engaging. Waiting for part 2 #Lilli

Navaneethpisharodi @Navaneeth264
#Lilli Was A Fabulous Attempt Heavy Violence, Strictly 18 + First Time In The History Of Malayalam Cinema. Simple Plot With Excellent Making. One And Half Hours Of Different Theatrical experience. Go For It 3.5/5

Aswathy G @aswathyg31
#Lilli has the texture of an amateurish campus movie. It showcases raw unflinching violence and bloodshed like never before, but falls terribly short in the writing part.

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