Little Superman 3D

Little Superman 3D



Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 10 November 2014

Movie Title

Little Superman 3D



Star Cast

Master Deny, Madhu, Praveena

After the horrible misadventure called ?Dracula 2012?, director Vinayan is back, this time with the antics of an eleven-year-old kid. The film?s special effects are mostly impressive when compared to his earlier ventures, but the lack of a credible script makes this one a tedious watch.

Willie Wilson (Master Deny) is an adventurous school kid, who is in love with his classmate! His father Wilson (Ranjith) is an upright engineer and he is all set to expose a powerful state minister. The politico?s goons try to appease Wilson and when he refuses to oblige, ruthlessly murders him and his wife (Praveena).

Willie, a comic book addict, watches his parents being killed by the goons. After a while, he gets some magic powers and he takes revenge, which is happening through his dreams.

If you are looking to have the three-dimensional experience on screen, this film provides some decent surprises here and there. But all those efforts go in vain as the film struggles with a ridiculously inane plot that is not even worth being made into a film!

The film is aimed at the family viewers, but it is plain irritating to watch two eleven-year-old kids romance like grownups. The dialogues are trite and the comedy is stale. Are we still supposed to laugh watching people going to the toilet again and again, after having fed with food mixed with Vim?

There is a desperate attempt to make the viewers laugh, all along. So a comic priest, with a wig, is made to ham with any real sense. The less said about the performances of the actors, the better.

Little Superman 3D is a mish mash attempt, with an incompetent script, made just to churn up a three dimensional film. Watch it at your own risk please.

Verdict: Tacky

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