Living Together

Living Together


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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Monday 21 February 2011

Movie Title

Living Together



Star Cast

Hemanth, Srilekha, Nedumudi Venu, Menaka

Fazil, who created some memorable blockbusters through the 1980?s and early 90's is unfortunately let down by his own script. Frankly, you have to watch it to know how bad a film is Living Together.

With a rather silly script that often amuses the viewer with its hollowness; the legendary director has made this highly forgettable film that completely fails to make any impression.

The story is being narrated by Hemachandran (Hemanth) to his two kids, just after he is back home from Germany. As a youngster, he was instantly smitten by the ample charms of a neighborhood girl Shyama (Srilekha). Love blossoms pretty soon, but the problem is that usually this girl can?t entertain the attention of a boy friend beyond a few days. And she does all these antics with the blessings of everyone at her home, including her grandfather (Nedumudi Venu), relatives and even domestic helps.

Soon Shyama learns that she is a bit too involved with the boy and the grandfather now approaches Hemachandran to move away from her. Why? As per some astrological reasons, if she ever gets married, the husband or the wife could be killed within six months! Hemachandran?s mother (played by yesteryear heroine Menaka) now appears and the love birds get married.

There is another sub plot happening in between , which has a maniacal junkie who has come all the way from Bangalore to rape and kill Shyama. If all these were not enough, a horror story ensues, with some ghost getting into Shyama?s body and some scenes modeled on the director?s classic film Manichithrathazhu being repeated there.

As the end titles start rolling after a grueling session where you cringe in the seats watching absurd scenes coming one after the other, the first thought would be, how can anyone even consider making this inane storyline into a film? Every department in the film (except for the music, to a certain extent) competes with the other in coming up with their worst shows.

The lead characters played by newcomers have little flesh on them. The lead pair and their two friends (Sreejith and Jinoop) look totally out of place and evidently uncomfortable in facing the camera. There is no point perhaps in blaming them as well, as they struggle to make an impact saying meaningless lines rendered in a serious way and old-fashioned scenes making things seriously boring.

Living Together is a total disappointment and a waste of time, to say the least. This is certainly a fall from grace for Fazil, who has made some invaluable gems in the past.

Verdict: Disappointing

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