LKG review: Neatly written and executed political satire

What really works in favour of LKG is the film's satirical take on contemporary murky politics in the country. Balaji’s comical timing and his image is another big advantage.

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Critic's Rating: 3/5

Tuesday 04 June 2019

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LKG review: Neatly written and executed political satire



Star Cast

Balaji, Priya Anand, Nanjil Sampath, JK Ritheesh

RJ Balaji’s LKG is a neatly written and executed political satire in which the radio jockey turned actor hasn’t spared anyone. From Central to State politics, everyone has been brutally criticized with the whip-smart writing of Balaji and his friends (as mentioned in the credits) and director Prabhu.

Lalgudi Karuppaiah Gandhi aka LKG (Balaji) is a small-time politician (ward Councillor) in his area. Born to a failed politician and orator (Nanjil Sampath), LKG doesn’t want to end up like his dad so he takes all short cut routes to climb up the success ladder in his party which rules Tamil Nadu now.

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To promote himself from ward Councillor to MLA, LKG seeks the support of political corporate strategist Sarala Munusamy (Priya Anand), he even convinces her team that ward Councillors can actually be useful to study big politicians.

After undergoing various strategies, LKG becomes famous with a funny song which actually gives his nationwide attention that he even attends prime time debate show on National TV channel. Impressed by his growth, LKG’s party leader(Ram Kumar) offers him MLA post in the by-poll (the real chief of the party dies after a prolonged hospitalization). But LKG must defeat veteran Ramarajan Pandian (JK Ritheesh). Can the underdog win big in the elections?

What really works in favour of LKG is the film's satirical take on contemporary murky politics in the country. Balaji’s comical timing and his image is another big advantage. The film is filled with various trendy references like the importance of meme creators, corporate/media influencers, Thala-Thalapathy fanaticism, the recent political atrocities and more such things which will definitely work with the masses. LKG is Balaji’s home ground so hits each and every ball out of the park.

For LKG, whatever Balaji has done is perfect but going forward, he should improve on acting if he is serious about hero roles! Priya Anand’s characterization is quite likable in the film, she comes as a corporate political strategist and there is no forced romantic angle which is indeed a refreshing move. Of course, there is a romantic number but it only ends up as a one-sided love story.

LKG’s other big strength is that Balaji’s character stays true till the end of the film. Though the climax was very similar to Shankar’s films, the end twist tells us that you can’t change politicians and the "change lies only in the hands of voters". Nanjil Sampath as the failed politician is an interesting casting choice. JK Ritheesh and his gay comedy scenes are awkward in the film but otherwise, the rest of the things in the film works pretty well.

Technically, Leon James’ songs are already big hits and the young composer has done a good job in the re-recording too. The crisp runtime of 124 minutes is an added advantage. Overall, in this political season, LKG is a timely release and an eye opener for all the young voters.

LKG review: Neatly written political satire

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Sreedhar Pillai @sri50

#LKG @RJ_Balaji plays to his strength . His USP as a RJ and an actor has always been comedy laced with sarcasm. And the film delivers big time if you are looking for tongue in cheek humor and 2 hours of unadulterated fun. @PriyaAnand what a revelation. More later...

troll tamil movies @trolltamilmovi1
LKG : honest review! Worth every single publicity @RJ_Balaji bro nee Vera level you will reach more heights! And @PriyaAnand ENAAA PONNU DAW epidi paathalu azhaga iruka, even though it had many fun and troll elements it also has a message in it so don’t miss it. #LKG

Prashanth Rangaswamy @itisprashanth
#LKG Interval - the movie has taken lesson to all political Movies released recently. Writing at its best !!!

Vj Dinesh @logindinesh05
#LKG 2nd half Review- After a laugh riot 1st half, a message to everyone on 2nd half climax place the crucial and highlighted. Sureshot watchable and hit for RJ Balaji with the support of @PriyaAnand #LKGReview #LKGfromToday #LKG Must watch and good time release ahead of election

S Abishek @cinemapayyan
In recent times, if the female lead had something meaningful to talk, which also has direct effect on the story, @PriyaAnand in #LKG

T H A L A P A T H Y 63 @Lone_Ranger789
#LKG Probably after Amaithi Padai here comes one political based movie with perfect blend of WRTITNG and SCREENPLAY . @RJ_Balaji Hereafter no more jigina dummy friend roles or comedy roles do quality roles like dis illana Write more movies like dis . U won Merit Boy !! Be Proud

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