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Thursday 20 August 2015

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Mohanlal, Andrea Jeremiah,Siddique

How many times have we seen the plot of an invincible hero making a fool of the baddies, cops and everyone around, walking away to glory in the end? If you are not tired by that commercial formula template, give Ranjith’s Loham a try.

It all begins when the coffin of a dead worker is brought from Gulf. Several subplots are added in quick succession, perhaps to add to the excitement. The pretty wife of a missing customs official makes her appearance soon after, along with the hero, who is a chauffer named Raju (Mohanlal).

It won’t require a genius to know that the story is a bargain basement version of films ranging from the Oceans Eleven series to Mankatha or our own 7th Day or Sapthamasree Taskaraha. There is certain smartness that is required in the narrative or a style of its own for this genre of movies but sadly, nothing is new is being offered by the spectacular duo of Ranjith and Mohanlal who have given us few gems in the past.

You get tired, as characters are introduced one after the other during the first half, at times without much purpose. Some funny sequences and all the build-ups keeps you fairly engaged for a certain point of time and that’s all about this one.

With a shaky script with too many loose ends, this thriller does everything other than making you thrilled. Too many characters come and go, but the eagerness is just to prove how smart our hero is! 

There are criticisms about everything from the absence of flyovers in Kochi and an eagerness to show how bad the “new generation” is! But how can you justify making this film eyeing only on the hefty satellite rights, with shoddy production values and boring gimmicks?

Even then, it is Mohanlal’s dedicated performance that shines all along. The versatile genius steals your heart with his lovable ways, but even that is not enough to salvage this lazy misadventure.

The genuinely entertaining moments in the films are the ones with Siddique and Soubin Shaheer.

Loham is about a topical subject but it is far from engaging. As the end titles start rolling you would probably sit in disbelief wondering what made the makers of this one think that they can get away with a film like this. Watch this one at your own risk please!

Verdict: Disappointing

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