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Friday 01 February 2013

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When was the last time that you watched a normal looking man becoming a super hero, at his convenience, and ruthlessly taking on the wrong doers? Add Joshiy's Lokpal to that list, which sadly is a painfully boring version of a zillion films of the vigilante genre like Anniyan, Gentleman, Mr.India and so on.

Nandagopal (Mohanlal) runs a popular fast food joint. He is socially committed and as he reveals somewhere in between, there are some nagging memories of a troubled past that continues to haunt him. To take on the corrupt men in the society, he adopts the title 'Lokpal' and also a new look for each act, as he plays a modern day vigilante.

His modus operandi is quite simple. There is a website for him and anyone can post their complaints against corruption in the page. Lokpal will take care of it all. His main targets are corrupt politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats.

After copying the basic backdrop, scenarist S N Swami and director Joshiy makes a surprisingly silly film that lacks any sense adding badly written one-liners in English, to add to the dismay.

Lokpal's ?fancy dress? for each adventure is the funniest thing in this movie. If that is not enough, there is Sai Kumar mimicking Innocent's 'Irinjalakuda accent', Shammi Thilakan's 'Thiruvananthapuram accent' and a brief 'Kozhikkodan version' too, with Kalasala Babu.

The young viewers are not spared either. They have 'flashmob dances' to be happy about. For all those who would complain about targeting any particular religions, there are villains from each of the groups.

The film will leave you with so many questions. Was S N Swami sleeping for the past twenty years or so and has not understood how storytelling has changed over the years? Why is a director of Joshiy's stature not concerned about the importance of a genuine script? And most importantly, why is a genius like Mohanlal doing these kinds of badly written characters, even now?

This one is an example of shoddy filmmaking. Maybe this is happening as the makers of these kinds of films are sure to get their money back from satellite rights, as the criteria for that is the presence of saleable names.

As a result, actresses like Kavya Madhavan and Meera Nandan come and go in inconsequential scenes. This is not a film even for the hardcore fans of Mohanlal, as he himself seems to have no clues about what is happening in the film. The less said about the performances of the rest of the cast, the better.

Pradeep Nair's visuals are fine but Rafeeq Ahmed's lines and Ratheesh Vegha's music are surprisingly na?ve.

Lokpal is the kind of film that has been made with some kind of arrogance, without even scant regard for the viewer. Watch some of the yesteryear gems from Mohanlal instead of wasting time on this one.

Verdict: Pathetic

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