London Bridge

London Bridge

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Monday 03 February 2014

Movie Title

London Bridge


Anil C Menon

Star Cast

Prithviraj, Andrea Jeremiah, Nandita

A reckless youth who cares a hoot about anything other than money, a billionaire`s daughter who is not impressed by him in the beginning but agrees to marry the guy after a while, another girl who was hit by his car and gets smitten by his ample charms pretty easily...

These are the three main characters in director Anil C Menon`s love triangle called London Bridge, which is surprisingly similar to the basic outline of every movie of this genre. If you still ask what happens next, just solve the equation in the simplest way and it is almost sure that you may end up guessing it right!

As you watch the film in sheer disbelief as trifle sequences come one after the other, all you would think is, what was a group of people thinking while venturing out to make this silly story into a full?-length feature film?

And why on earth were crores of rupees spent to shoot this one in London? In an industry like Malayalam, where the revenue is limited, these extravagant risks can cost dearly. But virtually none seems to care much, which includes the technicians and the actors. In fact, the only good thing about this film is the line of cars that are in display.

The ambitious Vijay Das (Prithviraj) has made money with his own efforts and his unexpected meeting with the wealthy entrepreneur C S Nambiar (Pratap Pothen) turns crucial as Vijay is offered the option to marry Nambiar`s daughter, Pavithra (Andrea Jeremiah).

She is not lured by money and is only interested in charity. Moreover, she has just broken ties with an old Malayali poet, whom she met on a social networking site and was in love.

Then comes Merin (Nandita), a nurse in hip-style but is supposed to have reached London some hours back, from real dire straits back home. Who will win Vijay`s heart is what we should wait for and all those who are interested can go to the theatres to watch it all unveil.

No two ways about it, this film is anything but a display of sheer arrogance with the script showing scant regard for the viewer`s intelligence. It is fine if one decide to spend lavishly for a film because the script demands such opulence.

But here the feel of London is limited to some some aerial visuals of the city, swanky cars, expensive costumes, hotel lobbies and a few houses in some uninhabited suburban lands.

It is evident that the makers of the film were struggling to make this one, with a fractured script. There is nothing impressive about the film`s technical aspects, which includes Anil C Menon`s direction, Jinu Abraham`s script, Jithu Damodar`s camera and the music by Rahul Raj and Sreevalsan J Menon.

After doing three good roles last year, it is not clear what Prithviraj found good about this script. It should be a fat pay?cheque. Andrea Jeremiah looks totally disinterested and emotes less than a log of wood. Nandita fails to make much impression in her Malayalam debut.

The chemistry between these three actors is zilch and imagine, this happens in a love story!

We have to guess Pratap Pothen`s worth from his suits and also, from his daughter`s gowns. Mukesh sleepwalks through the role, while Lena has nothing much to do and Sunil Sugatha hams it up big time.

Those behind London Bridge has perhaps not realized that gone are the days when some stray visuals of a foreign country could satisfy the Malayali audience. As we wait for this amateurish misadventure to end, the feeling is that of someone who has jumped from a bridge and realized midway that there is no water beneath.

Now, decide on your own!

Verdict: Below Average

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