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Saturday 27 September 2014

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Gopichand, Rakul Preeti Singh, Brahmanandam, Sampath, Prudhvi, Rahul Dev

Loukyam staring Gopichand and Rakulpreet in the lead with music by Anup Rubens has hit theatres. Srivas, who directed films like Lakshyam and Pandavulu Pandavulu Tummeda has directed this. Let's get down to the story of the film.

Venky (Gopichand) marries off Warrangal's dreaded don Babji's (Sampath) sister to his friend. Babji obviously upset is on the hunt for Venky, who is now in Hyderabad. There he falls in love with Chandrakala (Rakulpreet). Everything seems to be fine till Venky comes to know a secret about Chandrakala. What is that? Does he escape the clutches of Babji? This forms the rest of the story.

Loukyam with this simple predictable storyline is packaged with typical Telugu mass movie entertainer. It is laced with comic moments. Everything is routine in the movie. Only saving grace is some laugh out loud moments here and there.

Gopichand looks good and executes his role well. He has done good comedy and we must say that he has pulled it off. Rakulpreet has also performed well in this film. Brahmi does a good show as Sippy. He is given excellent support by Chandra Mohan and Hamsa Nandini. Prithvi is first rate with his impeccable comedy. He steals the show.

Anup Rubens music is pretty average. Not a single song is catchy.

Loukyam's biggest drawback is its story. From the beginning to the end, it moves on conventional way. The real story commences only post interval. Though the post interval scenes start off well, very soon it falls in the template manner. Hero joining villain gang and duping him to get his girl is oft-seen template in Telugu films. In Lakshyam too, the second half is similar. Some scenes could have been chopped off and the run time could have been reduced.

Technically the film is decent. Director Srivas does a decent job and presents the film with comedy scenes. Dialogues written by Sridhar Seepana are cliched with silly rhyming words. Overall, Loukyam is an average film which does provide entertainment.

Verdict: Predictable fare but can be watched for good comic moments.

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